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Week Ending 7/31/2017

As you can tell I'm a little late on my week ending post :) We were traveling to my mom's house on Friday and I had planned to write my post that night, but got busy enjoying hanging out with my mom :)  Last week was spent mostly getting ready for the trip and we had some special visitors at karate, so I was there two nights last week.  We usually only get to see these visitors once a year, so it's always a wonderful night of training when they are there. The students are always looking for ways they can improve their techniques!

I only read a few books last week. I've still got a large pile from the library, 17, that are waiting to be read! I've got to hurry and finish them before school starts :) This week I read Aunt Dimity & the Widow's Curse,  The Barefoot SummerThis Is What a Librarian Looks Like. and The Promise of an Angel.

We had a wonderful time with my family this weekend.  My mom took me to get some canning tomatoes, $10 a box, so we got thre…

Review: USA Activity Bundle by The Crafty Classroom

My youngest has really been bitten by the geography bug in the last year or so.  He loves to look things up on maps, talks constantly about the oceans and continents and chooses anything we have geography wise to do first in his school day. Even though we are technically on summer break I wanted to continue to review a few things over the summer and include more "fun" activities :) When I saw the USA Activity Bundle by The Crafty Classroom come up to review I knew this was one we HAD to have (LOL) If I didn't try to get an item that was geography related then Issac would have my head (LOL) When I first got the email to download my bundle I was super excited to see that there were multiple activities for us to do! The bundle contains the following items: U.S.A State by State Activity Notebook U.S.A State Bird Art Cards U.S.A 50 State Mazes I have to say that even though Issac loves geography he loves a maze even better.  I printed out all the pages for the three booklets…

Thankful Tuesday 7/25/17

Today I'm thankful for books.  I can't imagine a world without books or without the choice to read whatever book I want :) For the last few years I've been doing the yearly book challenge on Goodreads.  Each year I say I'm going to read 100 books during the year. Most years I've hit that and a few beyond and I think it was last year that I only reached about half.  This year I've done a ton of reading this summer. I just finished my 9th book for the year, Harvest of Blessings.  This is part of the Seasons of the Heart series and they've all been wonderful.

Review: Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik-Sculpting Kit

This past year the kids and I have really worked to incorporate more homeschool arts & crafts into our weekly schedule. I've found that I've really enjoyed doing the projects with them.  I enjoyed art class in middle school and I've always enjoyed crafts in general.  We recently had the opportunity to use the Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik-Sculpting Kit by ACTÍVA Products. This is not a kit that we have used before, but the rigid wrap plaster coated gauze reminded me of the material that we used to make a belly cast when I was pregnant with our second child.  The kit arrived with 2-4" rolls of the Rigid Wrap, 8 oz. of the CelluClay and one project book that contained ideas for 12 different projects.  One of the first things I noticed was that there was a butterfly on the box that you could cut out for a project.  I thought that would be something fun that the three of us could do with the Rigid Wrap as our first project together, but yet they would all come out un…

Week Ending 7/22/2017

Seems like summer is rushing by so much quicker than I expected (LOL) I had all these grand plans and it seems as though very few have been accomplished! The last few summers have seemed the same, but I had vowed that this summer I would get things done :) We pretty much have one month left before school starts, so I guess I'd better get jumping if I want to feel that I've gotten anything done this summer :) I do have to say that the heat has been horrible and that really bothers me.  I've had so many migraines recently because it's just gotten too hot and my body doesn't deal well with it.  I LONG for cooler days and hopefully many snowy days this year! :) I know I'm probably the only one that hopes for that, but I love winter.

I have continued with my reading spree, but haven't read as much this week as a few others.  Believe it or not, but I ONLY read TWO books this week! Maybe I'm preparing for when school starts (LOL) I read The Goodbye Bride andG…

Homeschool Philosophies Quiz-What type of homeschooler are YOU?

I recently took the Homeschool Philosophies Quiz that a friend posted about and these are the scores I received.

Score for Charlotte Mason: 12
Score for Classical Education: 9
Score for Montessori Education: 15
Score for Project-Based Learning: 6
Score for Reggio-Inspired:9
Score for Thomas Jefferson Education: 9
Score for Traditional Education: 3
Score for Unit Studies Approach: 12
Score for Unschooling Approach: 6
Score for Waldorf Education: 3

I have to admit that I've NEVER heard of Reggio-Inspired.  I've got to go look that up :) All this fun has gotten me thinking about starting a new year and what changes I would like to make this year.  It prompted me to take some of the other quizzes on the site to get some more information about my homeschooling style :) I also took the What Kind of Homeschool Mom or Dad Are You? and these are my results.  

Score for Creative: 6 
Score for Curious: 3 
Score for Diligent: 3 
Score for Free Spirit: 6 
Score for Laidback: -3 
Score for Neat and Tidy: -3…

Thankful Tuesday 7/18/17

Today I'm thankful for rain. I have always loved the sound of rain and even just sitting on the couch watching it.  I don't think I realized until I was older and started gardening how thankful I was for that rain. In the summer our water bill can really go up due to watering the garden. I don't want to know have a garden, but sometimes you start to feel like you need to choose between the two. We have had rain almost every evening for the last two weeks, so I haven't had to water and it's filled up my rain barrel :)

Review: Trust Fund Movie by Mapelle Films

I love a good family movie and especially when I can watch it from the comfort of my home! Our daughter recently had her wisdom teeth removed and we knew she was just going to be hanging out on the couch for a few days.  Our copy of the movie, Trust Fund by Mapelle Films had arrived a little earlier and I was hanging onto it in hopes that she and I could watch it together. Isaac Alongi, producer, was raised in a homeschooling environment and learned a love of photography through the freedoms of homeschooling.  His wife, Sandra, wrote the screenplay as well as directed the movie.  I suggested to my daughter that we watch the movie together and she didn't seem too excited about it.  Then again she doesn't seem excited about much I suggest at this age (LOL) I was immediately interested and hooked into the story within the first few minutes of the movie.  Reese Donahue is a young writer who tries her hardest not to do anything.  She seems to want to approach life in the easiest w…

Week Ending 7/15/07

This week has been a running week.  At some point I know I need to sit down and plan for the upcoming year :)  As of right now I'm still enjoying reading as many books as I can before the new school year starts. These are the books I read this week:

a daughter's dream

seasons in paradise

The Green Teen Cookbook

Eat Cheap but Eat Well

Flat Belly Diet

Fix, Freeze, Feast

The Fully Raw Diet

Home to Paradise

I actually did get to go out and spend time with friends TWICE!! That's so unheard of around here :) I had a late breakfast/early lunch with a friend on Wednesday. I don't want to even say how many hours we spent talking and catching up! (LOL) Friday the two younger kids and I went to a friend's house and just had a wonderful time. It's so nice when the moms can chat and the kids each have someone near their age to hang out with.  All in all it was a wonderful week.  Got to work on my Mapelle Films review, so keep your eyes open for that next week.

Review: World War II Time Travelers American Series

History is something that can easily be very dry and boring with all the dates and information.  I've recently discovered that our youngest has become more interested in learning about some of the historical events that have happened.   He also enjoys hands on learning much more than just reading a textbook.  This year we delved into lapbooks with him more than we have in previous years. I'm not sure why we haven't been doing them the last few years other than I thought he wasn't able to do the writing, so I didn't attempt them.  When the older two kids were younger we did lapbooks for almost everything we studied in science and history.  They seemed to learn so much more and be able to pull that information out when we did more hands on activities.   The last few weeks Issac and I've been exploring  World War II using the Time Travelers Americanseries from Home School in the Woods.

Our first experience with Home School in the Woods was when we were able to revi…

Thankful Tuesday 7/11/17h

Today I'm thankful for deals and a thrift store I almost NEVER go into (LOL) I don't care for this store because I never find anything I like. The clothing all seems older and I just don't normally go there. Today we were in the store beside it and didn't find what we were looking to buy. We had gotten Issac a Grow-a-Frog for his birthday and wen wanted a larger container for "Bob" :) My husband suggested we go in this store, so I said it can't hurt.We walk in and I immediately see a pretty nice washer/dryer set. We have been having issues with our washer for months and I've been without for over 2 weeks. My husband was given one by a friend, but he hasn't been able to fix it. I'm looking in the washer and one of the workers walks by and tells me it's HALF price.  We looked at it and decided it was worth it. I'm praying it works as well as it looks and that it ends up being the wonderful by and blessing that it seems to be :)

Week Ending 7/8/17

This week was busy with appointments and such.  That seems to be our every week anymore (LOL) The biggest thing that happened this week was our daughter got braces.  I don't know that I've ever seen a child so excited to get braces! She got them on Thursday and then went and ate a sub sandwhich :) She was sore the next day, but says today isn't so bad.  She's had a busy few weeks with getting her wisdom teeth removed and now braces. I would be surprised if she wasn't sore (LOL)

I thought about school for next year, but haven't really done any planning.  I really want to sit down with each of the two kids and find out what they would like to do this year. I want to have us work together a little to plan our year.  My daughter pointed out that we don't have much more than a month to go before school starts. Every summer this seems to happen to me where I don't get anything done (LOL) I can say I've read a few good books this week though. That seems to…

Week Ending 7/1/17

This week has been a very laid back week!  Issac was gone to my mom's house this week, so it was mostly Brianna and I home during the day. She had gotten her wisdom teeth removed last Thursday, so for several days she didn't feel like doing anything.  We watched the movie Trust Fund together, so keep an eye out for a review coming up soon :) I did do the kids attendance records for the year, so that's one thing I've done to finalize her year (LOL)  I really love reading Amish fiction type books and this week I read the following books:

Right Brained Children in a Left Brained World (Have been working on this for a few months, but finally finished it :) )

Lydia's Charm

Summer of Secrets

Breaking up with Barrett

The Proposal at Siesta Key

Brianna and I drove to Statesville this morning to meet my mom and pick up Issac.  I let Brianna drive from Sanford to Greensboro and then from Greensboro back to Sanford to get some driving time in.  I can definitely see where she has i…