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Wordless Wednesday 4/18/2018

Thankful Tuesday 4/17/2018

Thankful today for a few things. Probably the thing that is most important to me today is that I am able to stay home with my children! It's not as easy to stay home as some people might think. You are with your children more than anyone and you can easily become frustrated. I used to say that as long as the good outweighed the bad I'd stay home (LOL) There are many "bad" days or "times", but in the end I can't imagine not being at home with my kids. I can remember starting school with Zachary. The very first day we looked at leaves and seeds that family had sent to us. We lived in California at the time and my family in North Carolina as well as Oregon sent us things we didn't otherwise see. Zachary is 19 now and I still remember that very first day. It's amazing to think that all the struggles, rough days, doubts and worry somehow still produced some pretty great kids. I'm truly thankful that I've been able to stay home with them.

Review: Shadows of Hope by Georgiana Daniels


You have struggled to have a baby..
You find out that your husband is cheating on you..
You have been cheating on your wife and the the women ends up pregnant and threatens your marriage and career...
You find out your pregnant and the man you've been dating tells you he's married..

Imagine being in any of these situations and how that would affect your life.  Marissa Moreau is a crisis pregnancy worker and starts to worry that her husband is cheating on her. They have struggled with infertility and that has put a huge strain on the marriage.  Marissa and her partner from work meet every morning at the local coffee shop. She develops a friendship with one of the baristas. She later confides to Marissa that she is pregnant. She's dropped out of school, looking for extra work and her parents aren't supportive. Marissa helps her pick up some extra work at the pregnancy center. As their friendship develops Marissa is struggling more and more with her home life.  Ka…

Review: My Heart Belongs in San Francisco, California

Abby Effingham is on a mission to find her mother. Her mother left home in search of a more interesting life. Abby knows if she finds her mother she can convince her to come back home. On the way they are derailed due to weather and end up in San Francisco in the middle of the gold rush.  The town and people are unlike anything Abby is used to knowing. She's very pleased with the housing they find, but realize that her money is quickly dwindling and she needs to do something about it. Abby is not your working girl, but decides to take a job offered at the local restaurant.  The work is hard and Abby isn't used to the demanding work and long hours. As she waits for her mother to arrive she finds out that her family's butler, her traveling companion, has contacted her father because he doesn't find her working acceptable. Abby develops a great friendship with Cookie, the cook, and she finds Sam, the owner's son, an interesting companion.  As she starts to know the pe…

Review: Princess Cut by Watchman Pictures

It has become very hard in this day and age to find what I'd call good quality movies that showcase the type of morals I'd like my children to have.  I recently was able to preview the  Princess Cut by Watchman Pictures.  The Dove Foundation said this movie was "A cut above the rest" and Larry Elie of Friends Family Theatre said it was "The Best Christian Romance in Years."  It's also received the following accolades. 

I have to say that I thoroughly agreed with the reviews.  I think one of the things that hit closest to home was that the movie is based in the Carolina's.  I was born in North Carolina and have spent the majority of my life living here. I guess I'm a true Carolina girl at heart :)

It's always exciting to get a package in the mail, but even better when I can watch a great Christian Romance! When the movie starts we meet Grace who has dreamed her entire life of Mr. Right. She even goes shopping to find the perfect "Princess …

Thankful Tuesday 4/10/2018

Today I'm thankful for a husband that can fix things around the house. I know that all men aren't handy and there are plenty of things my husband can't do, but there are plenty he can do.  Our washer had popped a hose off, was leaking or something that was causing an error signal and it to just shut down. The laundry was piling up and it was getting stressful (lol) I'm so thankful that he was able to have the time today to get back there and fix it. I don't necessarily love doing laundry, but I certainly am thankful for when I can do it here at the house :)

Recent school favorites

Recently due to hearing what his friends are talking about in co-op class Issac has decided to revisit the Rush Revere History Series.  I've written about this series a few times, but it really seems to have sparked Issac's interest in history. He's been on a love of geography for well over a year, but now it seems history in general is becoming the favorite. I've mentioned before that Issac isn't one to read on his own, but he's totally picked this series up and has been reading them on his own as well as I've been reading to him at bed. 

We also went through our shelf and found a few great books to go along with his current interest in history. Many of these are topics he's read about in the Rush Revere series.  These books have helped him to get a little more information.  He became very interested in Paul Revere so we read Paul Revere by Jan Gleiter and Kethleen Thompson.  He then chose to read The Declaration of Independency by Michael Burgan.  We&#…