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Review: MaxScholar

Reading has been a bit of a struggle for our youngest child, so I'm always on the look for books and programs to help strengthen his skills. I was please to see the free 12 month subscription of the  Reading Intervention Programs from MaxScholar up for review recently.  This program was created to help children that have learning disabilities, processing issues or just those that are struggling to read.  It is a multi-sensory approach based on a mix of  Orton-Gillingham and Lindamood-Bell as well as other comprehension and phonics strategies. This program is adaptable to a child's age and learning ability.   It was a simple process to open an account after the email we received from the company. The program is set up for the parent to have an account as well as the student. There are many sections available for your student to try. 

The first thing that Issac needed to do was the assessment. I've said it before and I'll shout it from the rooftops that I LOVE an assess…

Review: The Captured Bride by Michelle Griep

The Captured Bride is book 3 of The Daughters of the Mayflower series.  In this book we meet Mercy who has lived her life torn between two cultures? Mercy Lytton  was born with a unique skill to see what others don't see. She has spent a large part of her life using that skill as a scout. She has worked with a dear friend, Captain Matthew Prinn, for many years and is about to accompany him on his last scouting mission. When this mission is over Matthew plans to retire and farm. Their mission is to pretend to be a family with a "traitor" acting as Mercy's husband. The wagon load of goal that they are to make sure arrives safely to a nearby fort is actually gold that was taken from Elias Dubois-the traitor.  Mercy doesn't feel good about this mission, but she would do anything to help her longtime friend, Matthew. As the mission is underway Elias quickly begins to win the friendship of Matthew as well as Mercy.  Will this last scouting mission be an easy one for Ca…

Wordless Wednesday 6/13/2018

Review: ARTistic Pursuits Inc.

Art has become one of Issac's favorite subjects. His older sister has dabbled in some drawing in her time, but last year he took a shining to watching her draw and decided he loved art too! Most of the time he just draws items without really having a knowledge of how to use any specific supplies to create different looks. He's been happy with that up until this point. I knew when I saw ARTistic Pursuits Inc. up for review that we had to do it. It seemed like a fun way to do art as we are ending our school year.  We had the choice of several of their books, but ultimately I decided to chose the first book in the series ARTistic Pursuits Art Instruction Books with DVD and Blu-Ray . Art for Children , Building a Visual Vocabulary is the first book in the series and I just felt that would be a good starting place for Issac. It would help him build confidence with his use of the materials and his drawing as well as have him learn to follow the instructions from the videos. 

Our aim…

Review: the Hawaiian Discovery

The Hawaiian Discovery is book 2 of The Hawaiian Book Series by Wanda E. Brunstetter & Jean Brunstetter.  The second book of the series focuses on Mandy & Ken and the life changing circumstances they are facing.  Ken's father has passed and they've had to sell their B&B in Indiana and move to Hawaii to help his mother with her organic chicken farm.  While there Ken is injured in a terrible accident and their life is turned completely upside down.  Ellen Lambright has been best friends with Mandy for years and has struggled with her moving to Hawaii. When she hears of Ken's tragic accident she immediately seeks permission to fly to Hawaii and do what she can to help. While in Hawaii she meets Rob. He's working for Ken's mom and they enjoy spending some time together. As Ellen wonders if she's developing feelings for him she learns that he isn't who he's told them.  This story is one of perseverance, love, faith and forgiveness. 

Just another day of school!

This has been a very difficult year for us and truly the last few years have been tough. My husband was injured on the job about 3+ years ago and hasn't been able to work since. We are currently fighting for disability. As those that homeschool know school continues to go on no matter what is happening in life :) The kids and I were at the house the last few days trying to work in the yard. We have almost 6 acres, but most of it is full of trees and shrubs. Our riding lawnmower is not fixable, but thanks to good friends we are able to use their push lawnmower. Brianna worked on mowing while I worked on burning yesterday. Today being a "school day" we packed up the books and went to the house. Issac mostly rode around on an electric scooter we found in the yard the other day and pretty much went in the opposite direction of work that Brianna or I were doing (LOL) 

I decided to work in the back near the house and see how much of the grass I could mow down. Issac and I dragg…