Saturday, July 15, 2017

Week Ending 7/15/07

This week has been a running week.  At some point I know I need to sit down and plan for the upcoming year :)  As of right now I'm still enjoying reading as many books as I can before the new school year starts. These are the books I read this week:

a daughter's dream

seasons in paradise

The Green Teen Cookbook

Eat Cheap but Eat Well

Flat Belly Diet

Fix, Freeze, Feast

The Fully Raw Diet

Home to Paradise

I actually did get to go out and spend time with friends TWICE!! That's so unheard of around here :) I had a late breakfast/early lunch with a friend on Wednesday. I don't want to even say how many hours we spent talking and catching up! (LOL) Friday the two younger kids and I went to a friend's house and just had a wonderful time. It's so nice when the moms can chat and the kids each have someone near their age to hang out with.  All in all it was a wonderful week.  Got to work on my Mapelle Films review, so keep your eyes open for that next week.

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