Saturday, July 8, 2017

Week Ending 7/8/17

This week was busy with appointments and such.  That seems to be our every week anymore (LOL) The biggest thing that happened this week was our daughter got braces.  I don't know that I've ever seen a child so excited to get braces! She got them on Thursday and then went and ate a sub sandwhich :) She was sore the next day, but says today isn't so bad.  She's had a busy few weeks with getting her wisdom teeth removed and now braces. I would be surprised if she wasn't sore (LOL)

I thought about school for next year, but haven't really done any planning.  I really want to sit down with each of the two kids and find out what they would like to do this year. I want to have us work together a little to plan our year.  My daughter pointed out that we don't have much more than a month to go before school starts. Every summer this seems to happen to me where I don't get anything done (LOL) I can say I've read a few good books this week though. That seems to be top priority for me lately! These are the books I read this week:

A Promise of Hope

$3 Meals (While I don't think these meals are $3 in this day there were a few good recipes I'm planning to try :) )

Plain Proposal

Return to Paradise

Plain Paradise

With Love

I did a little work in the yard/garden this week.  One of the most exciting things was a super huge haul of green peppers out of the garden.  I picked 22 green peppers this week. We have a ton of plants b/c my husband didn't realize the number I gave him was total plants and he bought 4-packs (LOL) I wasn't too upset because peppers are super easy to freeze, so that's our plan. I froze 8 peppers ready to stuff and the rest were cut up for things like chili and spaghetti. I'm hoping our tomatoes do well because I try to freeze enough until the following summer. Somehow my husband got the little tomatoes instead of the larger ones, so I'm not expecting much this year. It's still nice to have something though :)


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  2. You sure do keep busy! I had big plans to get everything situated for the classes I am teaching at the partnership next year, but I am so behind. To make matters worse my computer died...

    I am jealous of your garden! Every year I say I am going to put one in... I never do though. I think I will have to do a container garden on my deck since my backyard doesn't get a lot of sun. Maybe next year I will actually do it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I think I'm only really getting any reading done (LOL) I had planned to scrapbook and do all sorts of things. Now thinking that school starts in about 6 weeks I'm thinking I haven't done anything (LOL) Maybe you should look up something like greenhouses that you could put up while it's still winter. I've seen some neat ones where people just made a box and covered it with an old window. They started their stuff outside like that and then just picked up the box when it was warmer. Many people do great with containers too! We have been hit or miss over the years :) So sorry about your computer!

    2. That is a great idea! We have a spot on the side of our garage that would be perfect for a little greenhouse. It would be a wonderful school project for the kiddos too!


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