Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Thankful Tuesday 7/11/17h

Today I'm thankful for deals and a thrift store I almost NEVER go into (LOL) I don't care for this store because I never find anything I like. The clothing all seems older and I just don't normally go there. Today we were in the store beside it and didn't find what we were looking to buy. We had gotten Issac a Grow-a-Frog for his birthday and wen wanted a larger container for "Bob" :) My husband suggested we go in this store, so I said it can't hurt.We walk in and I immediately see a pretty nice washer/dryer set. We have been having issues with our washer for months and I've been without for over 2 weeks. My husband was given one by a friend, but he hasn't been able to fix it. I'm looking in the washer and one of the workers walks by and tells me it's HALF price.  We looked at it and decided it was worth it. I'm praying it works as well as it looks and that it ends up being the wonderful by and blessing that it seems to be :)


  1. Fingers crossed that it works out for you!

  2. Sure hope it works well, you really could use a break! Prayers going up!


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