Saturday, July 22, 2017

Week Ending 7/22/2017

Seems like summer is rushing by so much quicker than I expected (LOL) I had all these grand plans and it seems as though very few have been accomplished! The last few summers have seemed the same, but I had vowed that this summer I would get things done :) We pretty much have one month left before school starts, so I guess I'd better get jumping if I want to feel that I've gotten anything done this summer :) I do have to say that the heat has been horrible and that really bothers me.  I've had so many migraines recently because it's just gotten too hot and my body doesn't deal well with it.  I LONG for cooler days and hopefully many snowy days this year! :) I know I'm probably the only one that hopes for that, but I love winter.

I have continued with my reading spree, but haven't read as much this week as a few others.  Believe it or not, but I ONLY read TWO books this week! Maybe I'm preparing for when school starts (LOL) I read The Goodbye Bride and Give the Devil His Due.  It was a busy week because Issac had another 4-H camp, so that was running back and forth twice a day.  I got to meet a homeschooling mom that is fairly new to our area, so that was cool to make a new friend! :) We also had a curriculum swap last night with a local homeschooling group.  It's nice to take all your stuff and just put it out on a table and get to walk around and pick up whatever you want from other mom's tables :) I picked up just a few things which is good, so I'm not adding too much to my shelves.  Today I worked on going through the games and got rid of quite a few that I think we are done with at this point. I love starting the new school year out with nicely organized shelves and new school supplies :)


  1. It seems strange to NOT be looking for curriculum! I have mixed feelings about being done with our home school journey. Now it's time to figure out what I am going to do for 10-15 years, thinking about going back to school myself.

    1. I imagine that is a tough spot to be in!! I honestly have started having thoughts of homeschooling grandchildren, but who knows if that will happen. I wonder if any of the kids will want to homeschool their children when they have them?? Good luck if you go back to school. I've thought of it a few times, but honestly wish I could just find a job I could do from home (LOL)


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