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Review: Trust Fund Movie by Mapelle Films

Mapelle Films

I love a good family movie and especially when I can watch it from the comfort of my home! Our daughter recently had her wisdom teeth removed and we knew she was just going to be hanging out on the couch for a few days.  Our copy of the movie, Trust Fund by Mapelle Films had arrived a little earlier and I was hanging onto it in hopes that she and I could watch it together.  Isaac Alongi, producer, was raised in a homeschooling environment and learned a love of photography through the freedoms of homeschooling.  His wife, Sandra, wrote the screenplay as well as directed the movie.  I suggested to my daughter that we watch the movie together and she didn't seem too excited about it.  Then again she doesn't seem excited about much I suggest at this age (LOL) I was immediately interested and hooked into the story within the first few minutes of the movie.  Reese Donahue is a young writer who tries her hardest not to do anything.  She seems to want to approach life in the easiest way she possibly can with the least amount of work.  I think that is something very common in our society today.  While waiting for her father one day she runs across some paperwork and she learns that she and her sister were left a very large sum of money from when their mother passed away.  Being who she is at this time in her life she feels that her father has lied and cheated her and that she is due this money.  Her sister seems to be the "perfect" one while she never seems to do what her father thinks she should.  He is very supportive of her writing, but wants her to work and earn her own money.  He hadn't told her about her inheritance because he and his wife always wanted her to find something in life that truly meant the world to her and not fall back on family money.  She feels he's being extremely unfair and she makes a decision that changes her life forever.  I think we tend to focus most on Reese in this movie and what she is going through.  Her sister, Aubrey, also lost her mother.  Reese thinks her sister has it made and life is perfect for her, but she doesn't realize that her sister struggles too! It's hard to be the older sibling that everyone counts on to handle things.  This story is a modern day prodigal daughter story.  Reese pushes her family away for something she thinks will make her life what she wants it to be.  This story is truly an emotional journey teaching love, patience, trust and what family really means.

Trust Fund Movie
Love Was Near Book

We also received Love was Near which is the story of Reese's thoughts, emotions and actions during the movie.  It was suggested that it be read after watching the movie and it truly added so much to what I took away from the movie. This book was a super easy read, but one full of amazing wisdom for young adults.  Reese was like many young adults in that she saw something she wanted and nothing was going to stop her from succeeding.  That can be a good thing, but when what you are going after isn't in your best interest it can be life altering and not always in a good way!  Reese knew all along that she hadn't treated her sister or father fairly and that what she had done was wrong.  All she could think of was a young man though and those thoughts clouded her judgment.  We often get a thought in our mind and/or heart and nothing anyone says can change our mind.  Reese ultimately realized that grace is an amazing thing.  She realized why her father didn't want her to know about the money yet because she wasn't mature enough to handle it.  It's often so much easier to look back and see what we could have done, but often when we are in the thick of things our judgment is just clouded.  
There were wonderful though provoking questions throughout the book.  There is also an amazing study guide that can be downloaded to further those discussions.  So many applicable verses were throughout the book that it really made me stop and think about how I would deal with situations now verses when I was  younger. I think we often want our children to act a certain way, but we don't always remember how we were at that age. Maturity can help so many situations and ultimately grace can be a wonderful gift to give to anyone.  

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