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Homeschool Review Crew 2018!

Have you thought about being on the Homeschool Review Crew? Have you wondered what it was like to be able to use curriculum and materials you might not have otherwise been able to use? I am finishing up my first year and it's been a great experience.  My children and I have been able to use items that I wouldn't have been able to afford without the crew!  
Applications are currently being accepted for a spots on the 2018 Homeschool Review Crew.  If your interested in more information or would like to apply please follow the link included.  Being on the crew this year has been a wonderful experience!

Thankful Friday 10/27/2017

I usually do a Thankful Tuesday post, but this Tuesday I was flying back from Boston.  I had every intention of doing a post, but was exhausted when I got home (LOL) This week I'm super thankful for my kids.  They make me so proud and I love them so much! They also drive me crazy at times, but that's another post :) This picture was taken this past weekend while we were in Kentucky for karate testing, seminar and a banquet.

Review: Weave Your Word in Me -- Part 1

Every year I spend quite a bit of time deciding what the kids will do for Bible as well as what verses that we will work on memorizing that year. This year came around and I just felt stumped as to what Issac should do this year.  He needed a program that was colorful, engaging and yet didn't require him to do too much writing. He's still struggling with writing too much and I often help him when he gets too tired.  We had started the year off WITHOUT something for Bible and it just felt WRONG.  Weave Your Word in Me -- Part 1 by Kid Niche Christian Books popped up for review and it seemed like it just might be the answer!

This program is ideal for 4th-6th graders and since Issac is in 5th I felt he'd fit right in.  There are 36 lessons broken down into various themes.  One of my favorite things was that it was already hole punched as well as on sturdy paper which held up wonderfully with my rough son!  There were two units that were further program down into the themes. 

Review: Reading Eggs

Issac has always loved Reading Eggs and recently we were given a free 6 month subscription.  One of my favorite things about this program is that he's learning as well as having fun.  When they complete lessons they earn golden eggs and they can use those to buy things at the mall.  They can buy things for their house, their avatar, their pets and trading cards.  
One of Issac's favorite things to do is to make a story.  They walk you step by step through making a story and then you can submit it and print it for yourself as well.  

Reading Eggs has something for almost all children up through elementary school.  Reading eggs Junior is for ages 2-4.  Reading Eggs is for ages 3-7 as well as Reading Eggspress that is for ages 7-13.  There is also Mathseeds that is for ages 3-9. This program works so successfully because it focuses on  key concepts: phonics & phonemic awareness, comprehension, sight words, vocabulary and reading for meaning. The ages are guidelines and I'…

Week Ending 10/14/2017

This has been a busy week, but I was fortunate enough to get some time to read this week.  I love anything by Danielle Steel and I've got a stack of her books waiting to be read.  I also had a few things from the library still and wanted to try and work through those.  This week will be crazy because we are leaving on Thursday to go to Kentucky for the kids karate testing.  I'll then be leaving from there to fly to Boston on Sunday to attend another PEER meeting.  
Chasing Down a Dream by Beverly Jenkins

Undercover by Danielle Steel

Suddenly Engaged

The Duchess by Danielle Steel

Most of Friday was spent helping final the dance for that evening.  I don't really have any pictures to share because my middle child doesn't like her picture taken :( I think the kids had a great time and I believe there were about 55 kids there in total. This is the second time we've had one of these dances and I really think it's come together quickly.  So thankful to a dear friend that…

Review: Brinkman Adventures Season 4

Issac has found one of his new favorite audio stories from Brinkman Adventures.  He's been listening to Brinkman Adventures Season 4 almost non-stop for weeks.  At least that's what it seems like! He loves to be read too, but I've noticed he can have a difficult time following audio stories.  That has not been the problem with this series! He's never listened to these before, but was able to jump right in and enjoy.  Each disk has individual audio stories, so you don't have to necessarily have listened previously.  The audio stories are about 30 minutes long and I think that's the perfect length of time for Issac to stay fully engaged.  There are 4 audio cd's included in the season 4 box with a total of 12 stories.  Here are the stories that are told in this season.  

37 A Paradise Lost
38 Remember Nhu
39 Aisha’s Fear
40 Heart Song
41 The Crashed Kitchen
42 Crisis In The Congo
43 The Mysterious Palm Feller
44 War of the Raccoons
45 The Five Guys
46 Toughest Man
47 Ca…

Review: CTCMath

When your a homeschooling parent the topic of which curriculum to use comes up quite often. The subject that I've heard discussed the most is math.  One of the names I've heard over and over again is CTCMath.  We were given a Single Membership and they are offering you the chance to try it for free!  CTCMath is wonderful for children that don't fit 100% into a specific grade level.  When you use the program you have access to ALL levels and not just the grade that your child is in.  Issac is in 5th grade and for several years he was actually ahead in math. It was one of the subjects that he really enjoyed. He excelled in it for several years until multiplication and division came into play.  He struggled, so I worked him around those problems while we tried to memorize our facts.  This went on longer than I had hoped and eventually we started getting behind.  Last year we tried a few things that were new to us and they seemed to help him get most of the multiplication fac…

Thankful Tuesday 10/2/2017

One of the things I'm thankful for today is when bloggers are able to do contests. I think often I am interested in something, but without seeing it in person I'm not sure I want to spend the money. Recently we were able to do a review for Carole P. Roman and Issac just LOVED the books.  She's got several different sets, but most give you a look at living in a different time or place. Shortly after the review I saw that was doing a give away of 20 books in the If You Were Me And Lived In.... series.  I don't think I've every won anything like this, but decided to enter. Imagine my surprise when Jill Craft contacted me to let me know I was the WINNER. I was super excited and didn't tell Issac anything until the package arrived. He was SO excited to see all these books. We are working our way through Lets Go Geography and I knew these would fit in perfectly.  We were blessed to receive If You Were Me And Lived In: Australia, Brazil, China,…

Review: Super Teacher Worksheets

Every year as the weather starts warming I start thinking of the following school year. People often talk about spring burnout and it's a very real thing. When you dedicate your life to schooling your children it's a very hard, but very rewarding job.  When I see the light at the end of the year I'm already dreaming of the books and fun things we'll get for the following year. No curriculum is perfect for all children and most children have areas that they need more help in at one time or another.  This is exactly what Super Teacher Worksheets is striving to help parents conquer with theirIndividual Membership program.  They are providing an amazing number of worksheets for you to supplement your child's school. For just $19.95 a year parents can access an amazing amount of worksheets for their children as well as a school option for teachers to share.  

There are worksheets starting from Pre-K and Kindergarten.  The site is geared mostly up through about sixth gr…