Monday, February 19, 2018

Review: Wulf the Saxon

Heirloom Audio Productions

I was first introduced to Heirloom Audio Productions last year when we were fortunate enough to be able to review In the Reign of Terror and Captain Bayley's Heir.  Heirloom Audio Productions have produced several wonderful audio stories.  They are based on the G.A. Henty's novels and are a fun way to learn history. Heirloom Audio has a love and passion to bring history to our families.  They travel around to literally "live the adventure" when they are producing these stories.  Here is a little video that gives an example of how they do that as they work on their next audio story.

Wulf the Saxon is two cd's with 2 1/2 hours of non-stop audio adventure that includes love, loyalty and sacrifice.  In this story Wulf is a sixteen year old Saxon that is sent away for what is considered "misconduct' to the royal courts.  He is sent back to his estate for one year.  During this time he learned what his civic duties were as a land owner became quite handy with weapons and quite honestly matured.  Later in the story he travels with Harold the Earl of Wessicks and they become stranded on the shores of Normandy.  The shipwrecked Saxons were placed under guard, but Wulf and another managed to escape.  The Earl had told them to go to Barron Deburg and that he would help the rest of the men escape.  After this rescue Wulf becomes friends with the Barron's son and develops a fondness for his daughter.  Wulf has matured as well as become quite the warrior.  He even saves Barron Deburges son's life during battle.  As time goes on we see deceipt, friendship, fighting and dishonesty, loyalty, love and death through this audio adventure.

Wulf the Saxon

 Heirloom Audio Productions has done an amazing job at producing a quality and engaging audio story.  I think often times people don't choose audio stories because they feel they might not become as engaged with no picture. Heirloom Audio Productions has done a wonderful job of getting the audio to be captivated with the wonderful audio quality.  When you listen to these stories you feel you are right in that time period and the way the audio levels rise and lower depending on the story truly keeps the listener excited. I've also realized that the more I listen to the story the more I learn. There is so much included in these audio stories that every time you listen you pick up some tidbit that you didn't catch the last time. These stories are so enriching and full of live that you can continually listen to them over and over and never be bored. I have to admit that I really have never been an audio story listener, but I have become more captivated and entrigued with these stories than possibly even my son.  I couldn't wait to see what adventure awaited us with Wulf the Saxon.

Heirloom Audio Adventure Club

Heirloom has gone a step further to enhance the experience by making a Live the Adventure Club.  Here you have access to many additional items that will further enhance this audio learning experience.  Your child can listen to the audio story in the car to keep them from being bored as well as they can take some of the information they learn and explore it further. We often have to travel to doctor's appointments that are an hour or more each way.  These audio stories are great for trips like those. We were able to listen to the entire audio story in one day on a trip to the doctor and back home.  Heirloom Audio Productions have given us an amazing start with the audio story about Wulf the Saxon and it's up to us how far we take the journey.  

Wulf the Saxon {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}


  1. Great Review! This sounds like a really good story.

    I love the picture of Issac at the end of your review. He has grown so much since we seen you last.

    1. Thanks! These kids are growing too fast! I think Issac is as tall as me now (LOL)


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