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Review: In the Reign of Terror by Heirloom Audio Productions

Heirloom Audio Productions

Audio books are something that we have listened to over the years.  I have to admit that I have never been so engaged in an audio book as I have in listening to In the Reign of Terror by Heirloom Audio Productions. This is not your average audio story, but rather it's like listening to a very dramatic play.   This audio story is based on one of G.A. Henty's novels as well as being part of The Extraordinary Adventure Series of G.A. Henty.  This was our first experience listening to these audio stories and I was so pleasantly surprised with the wonderful quality of their audio products.  We received the cd set as well as access to all the special bonus materials.  The cd set has 2 cd's with over 2 hours of an exciting story about the French Revolution.  This story was made with children 6-16 in mind, but I have to tell you I was hooked within the first few minutes.  We listened to it several times and each time I seemed to hear or learn something I didn't remember from the previous time. I think this is one of those items that everyone in the family can listen to and enjoy!  

The story starts out with a young boy comparing the American and French Revolutions. An older man states that they really are not that similar and offers to tell a story to explain his response.  His story starts as young Harry has been sent by his father to live with a French Aristocratic family.  He is there to be a companion for the oldest son, but he is hoping to learn from them as well.  He could never imagine how his life would change during his stay with them.  He is warmly welcomed by the father, the Marquis, but the children treat Harry as though he's not as good as them.  As time goes by Harry proves his loyalty to the family as well as shows his faith in standing steadfast in what he believes and knows is right.  As the turmoil amongst the people starts to increase Harry knows he needs to stand up for his beliefs as well as protect the family that took him into their home.  The family is being persecuted because they have "noble" blood running through their veins.  

In the Reign of Terror
As part of reviewing In the Reign of Terror I received access to the newest edition to their site, the Live the Adventure Club.  There I had access to listening online, the original e-book, the official soundtrack, a printable cast poster, an inspirational verse poster, desktop wallpaper, the official script as well as a pretty intensive study guide.  I checked out the guide and really liked that they had three main sections to their way of studying.  The Listening Well questions are to help your child remember what they have heard.  The Thinking Further section is to help your child think more deeply, look up items that were mentioned, draw conclusions or speculate and ask follow up questions.  There are also Defining Words which gives you the chance to enhance your child's vocabulary and understanding of the story.  I asked Issac a few of the questions here and there, but we didn't truly use the study guide like it could be used. I really felt since it was summer that we would just listen to the story several times, discuss what we heard and just truly enjoy it for the dramatization that it is. I would definitely use the study guide as well as the other fun activities in the club when listening to additional stories.  

To get more information on Heirloom Audio ProductionsIn the Reign of Terror or any of their other dramatizations check out their social media pages: FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or Instagram.  As always check out what the other crew members thought.

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  1. Did Issac enjoy listening? This sounds like a great story! We did a free month trial with Audible when I was preparing for my class, and we forgot to cancel it so now I own a few audiobooks because the month trial started with 2 credits and you get 1 credit every month. I love reading, so I have never truly been tempted to use an audiobook over a traditional book. I'm thinking it might be good to use a few audiobooks with the heavy reading load we will have with Bookshark this year.

  2. He did enjoy, but he thought it was a little loud which surprised me (LOL) He's the loudest one in the house, but seems to be the most sensitive to noise :) I'm like you in loving to read, but I think the audio books could be great with your plan this year. I wish I had those kids that would sit around playing legos or something and listening to the stories, but I don't :( (LOL)

    1. Jack is the same way! He makes more noise than my other two combined, but he is always the one to complain about noise. I guess I lucked out. My kiddos will use playdoh, draw, use Legos, or do something else quietly while I read to them.

  3. I often think I did something wrong that makes my kids not play like that (LOL) None of them really have done that :(

    1. Some kids just don't enjoy that type of play. I think mine only enjoy playing this way because we do a TON of outloud reading, and it gives them something different to do (Bahaha).


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