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Review: The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls


Issac has always loved for us to read to him, but he's never really loved reading to himself.  He struggled for many years and really has just in the last year gotten to wear he can really read well.  We have tried many books and it seems like not much has really interested him.  When I saw the The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls by WorthyKids/Ideals up for review they seemed like books he would enjoy. My plan was to read them at night because we always read before bed.  I think we were just a few chapters into the first book, The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: The Beginning when I noticed that Issac was really interested. I believe he was wanting to take a nap that day and asked me to read. I read him a chapter and he asked could he continue reading. Of course I told him yes.  He read a few chapters and then took his nap. That night we continued reading and he asked me if he could read some the next morning. I was happy for him to want to read on his own and excited that this book was prompting him to do that. On the other hand I was already interested in the book and knew that I'd have to go back and read those missed chapters on my own! The story was really fun and I thought the suggested age/grade levels were accurate.  The books are recommended for ages 6-9 and grade levels 1-3.  Issac is 10 and for him these were easy enough for him to read so that it built up confidence.  

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

In the first book, The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: The Beginning, we meet Peter, Mary and their dog, Hank.  They have been left with their Great-Uncle Solomon while their parents headed off to Africa.  The children hadn't spent much time with their great uncle and the first evening didn't seem so exciting. They found out there was NO television, the meal wasn't great and it seemed like a month would be a LONG time.  They discovered the library and it seemed like it could be exciting, but Great-Uncle Solomon told them he didn't think they were ready to experience it yet. The kids didn't understand, so Great-Uncle Solomon decided to tell them a story.  He told them a wonderful story about hidden scrolls and Peter realizes this might turn out to be a better visit than he thought! That night Peter woke up to a lion's roar.  He, Mary and Hank go to investigate and hear the sounds from the library. They enter to find more books than they could have ever imagined.  Peter pulled a book from the shelf and suddenly the library went dark except for a glowing clay pot.  Hank knocked the pot over and the kids hurried to pick up.  As Peter held one of the scrolls he realized the red wax seal was broken. Suddenly the walls shook, books fell to the floor and everything was quaking.  The children were suddenly floating in what felt like air and they were still in complete darkness.  All of a sudden there was a loud voice that said "Let There Be Light" and there was light.  The children didn't know what was going on or where they were. Exhaustion finally set in and the next thing they knew they heard "Let There Be Sky To Separate The Water Above The Sky From The Water Below The Sky" and they hit they water.  They were in water as far as they could see, but thankfully they saw a boat and managed to get to it.  As they approached the boat a large man in white reached out and helped them into the boat. He introduced himself as Michael and told the children God had sent him there to help them.  Michael explains that he is an angel of God.  He is the head of God's army and has been sent there to protect them.  The kids wonder who they need protection from and he explains that Satan is not happy that he was kicked out of heaven and he feels he will try to mess things up. He then explains that they are on Earth in the early days.  One rule they have to follow is that they have to solve the secret of the scroll within seven days or they will be stuck there.  They also aren't allowed to tell anyone they are from the future and they can't change the past.  The scroll is written in Hebrew and the children have no idea how to decipher it.  Michael tells them there will be clues along the way to help them solve the secret. As the story continues the children get to live through the days of creation.  Michael tells them the first clue will be DECLARED to them as the sky turns day.  As the children sit and watch Mary is reminded of a verse "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky shows the work of his hand." Peter wonders if the first word is God when suddenly the first word glows on the scroll.  As the children continue to solve the secret of the scroll they experience the beauty of God's creation. They ultimately realize that the secret of the scroll is GOD CREATED EVERYTHING.  Suddenly the red seal fell off and turned into a medallion.  The ground began shaking, trees swayed and suddenly they were right back in the middle of the library.  They tell Great-Uncle Solomon their story, not expecting him to believe them, but he does.  He tells them the Legend of the Hidden Scrolls is true and they are the chosen ones.  Mary talks about how perfect the garden was and how all the creatures, the man and the woman were so happy. Great-Uncle Solomon explains that's not how the story ends. He pulls out his Bible and reads to them the story of creation.  He explains how the man and woman broke the ONE rule that God gave them.  God still loved them, but he kicked them out of the Garden of Eden and put angels in place to keep them out.  Even though Satan and sin entered the world, God would forgive and fix everything someday.  

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls
In the second book, The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Race to the Ark the children continue to try and solve the legend. They find a journal with information about the scrolls.  They read:
The Legend of The Hidden Scrolls:
The scrolls contain the truth you seek, Break the seal, unroll the scroll, and you will see the past unfold.  Amazing adventures are in store for those who follow the Lion's roar!

 Great-Uncle Solomon realizes they've found his old journal and tells them it contains a great many memories. Suddenly they hear the lion's roar and he runs around the room putting things in a bag. He tells them they will help on their adventure.  They run into the library, find the red book with the lion's head on it and find their next scroll. As they start their next adventure the kids check out what their Great-Uncle Solomon packed them.  He sent a flashlight, compass, matches, hatchet, a small bag and a canteen.  After walking for an hour they reach a valley full of small houses and gardens.  As they walked through the town they encountered some very unhappy people, but they were able to find some food.  They are unable to get the food though because they have no coins. They are told they can lie, cheat and steal like everyone else to get some. They say they can't do those things and are told the Dark Ruler has said they can! They say God will help them and instantly are told never to mention the word God.  As they get into a little trouble with some local boys Michael appears and helps them once again. This time their scroll has six words to solve and again they have the same rules to follow. They don't want to be stuck in the world they are in, so they are anxious to get started solving the secret.  As they try and sleep the first night they hear many noises in the dark. They are afraid and hope that whatever is making the noises goes away. The next morning they realize it was animals: an elephant, horse and camel. They decide to follow the tracks. As they follow the tracks they run into a huge boat.  As they are checking out their surroundings they solve the second word. They now have God Will....They meet Shem and explain who they are hiding from. He tells them they can stay with him and then explains about his father's ARK. He explains that they need to get the animals into the ark and be prepared for the great flood. They then meet Noah and he explains why he is building the ark.  He tells them of the violence, sickness, hate and greed in the city.  He tells them that God is sending the flood to wash it clean. As they help fill the ark they continue to solve the secret of the scroll. As they go into the town for an errand for Noah, they run into Satan. He plans to stop Noah and the ark. Thankfully Michael comes to help them once again. In the final moments of the flood starting Peter solves the final word and they are saved. Once they are home Great-Uncle Solomon once again pulls out his Bible and reads them the story of Noah's family. Great-Uncle Solomon tells them he once went on a dig in Mount Ararat and brought home one treasure.  It was a rusty hinge with the initials TC engraved on it.  Just like the one that Peter and Mary got from Noah's brother. 
I think most children prefer fictional stories, but when there is truth and wonderful lessons woven throughout it makes a much better story. Issac has really enjoyed The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls by WorthyKids/Ideals.  He already had me look up to see if there were any other books. That is a big sign for me that a book has really captured his attention and his heart.  We can't wait to continue to read more of these and see what secrets are revealed through the scrolls.  
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  1. I am so happy you found something Issac is excited to read!

    1. He was really into these! It is nice when we have those kids that it's hard to find something they enjoy.


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