Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Thankful Tuesday 9/26/17

Thankful today for friends that offer support in one's time of need! A little over a week ago I learned that a dear friend lost her son in a motorcycle accident.  It seemed unreal that their family was experiencing this loss. A few days later I learned that another friend had experienced a similar loss.  So much sadness going on for so many. Yesterday I attended the funeral of my friend that lost her son. I was so amazed at the support that was shown for her family.  The church was completely filled and they had to bring in chairs.  I can't imagine experiencing the loss that she and her family have, but I was thankful for all the support that was shown for them.  There were friends that that they knew from homeschooling, martial arts, church etc.  It was just so nice to see so many people join together to offer their support. 

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