Saturday, February 18, 2017

Week Ending 2/18/2017

I had really high hopes for this week with school and they fell flat again! I think I need to stop having those high hopes (LOL) Monday morning I ended up back at the doctor's office with Issac. They ended up saying he had atypical pneumonia. It wasn't that he was feeling poorly, it was just the bad wheezing I could hear. We didn't get much done Monday because of the appointment and just the time and distance.

Tuesday we had our homeschool group's Valentine Bowling Party. I felt like I should keep Issac home except that he didn't look sick! He was so looking forward to it, so off we went. It was the biggest bowling event that I've seen with them. We had well over 50 kids! Issac and Carl bowled 5 games and had a great time. Issac was so happy with all the valentines he got from the other kids as well as with what he handed out.

I left Issac home with Carl on Wednesday, so that I could take Brianna to her class. I left Issac a note of what to do. When I got home he and Carl were playing chess! I checked out his work and he had done one thing :( I think he was so anxious to play chess that he didn't really pay attention to what needed to be done. He and I finished it up that night while the kids were at karate.

Thursday and Friday we were pretty much able to stay home and do some work. I haven't had a printer, so that limited a few things we could do. We've really been pushing the multiplication tables with Issac because we are stuck at this point in his math. He's not remembering his facts consistently enough to move on to other things. We've used a few things recently that have seemed to be helping. We haven't even touched on division and it came up today in the car. I explained the concept to him and gave him a few easy ones. He answered 4/5 correct. I'm hoping that maybe it's clicking down and when we hit division it will go more smoothly.

We are actually doing a little school here today, Saturday. I don't tend to do that, but with the sickness and printer issues there are a few things I want to work on. I figure learning takes place anytime and a few things on a Saturday won't kill anyone :)

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