Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review: Rescue Me by Susan May Warren

This is the second book in the series Montana Rescue. For some reason I have a hard time getting into the books in the beginning, but once I'm in then I'm in! I don't know if maybe I need to focus a little more in the beginning because that's where they are setting the scene. I often think I skim through where the characters are being introduced and then I'm confused shortly after because I can't remember who is who!

One thing I really enjoy is how action packed these books are when you are reading them.  Susan May Warren really describes everything, so that you feel like you are right there in the scene.  The details she uses while describing the woods and wildlife really help to make this book.  Willow is one of my favorite characters. She has such a heart for God and working with teenagers. She feels like they need someone other than their parents to talk to and that she can be that person to help them. She had a rough childhood and she wants to help teens guide their way through the rocky years.  She doesn't have a degree, but the love for the kids can carry her through anything.

As with most good books there are several romances in Rescue Me.  I'm not sure any book is really good without a love triangle or something similar.  If you are looking for an easy read that you'll be happy with the ending then this book is for you.

** I received a copy of this book free for my honest review.

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