Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review: The Big Book of Homeschooling Ideas: Volume 2

I am one who always enjoys reading what others are doing in their school. I know for some people it's overwhelming because they feel they need to do it all. For me I find I can take little pieces of what others are doing and bring it into our school day. I think most homeschooling moms are pretty real about what they do each and every day. As well as what it's really like to homeschool. I took notes while I was reading this book. I don't always do that, but when I want to make sure I don't forget something then I jot notes down. I have so many pages of blogs and little tidbits that I picked up from this book. It's really chocked full of information for middle & high school.  I'm just going to make a little list here of things that stood out to me while reading:

* We are not just teaching them skills we are teaching them and building in them good character traits.
* In middle school we need them to become independent learners.
* Loneliness adds negativity to a teen's budding self-image.
* Let your husband step in more. Boys learn to become men from their fathers.
* Professor's wish list for students: They need to get their point across while having good grammar. 
* We want them to be the following: self-starters, task-finishers, people that can focus, independent thinkers, problem-identifiers & problem-solvers. 
* Have a written mission and vision.  

I don't think anyone could read this book and not come up with at least a dozen tips, tricks or sites that they could use.  I'm thankful I read this book and can see it being one of those that I read again and again.  I encourage you all to check out this book. It's definately worth the money!

The Big Book of Homeschooling Ideas: Volume 2

** I received a copy of this book free for my honest review. 

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