Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week Ending 2/10/17

This week was not very productive! The two younger kids were pretty sick.  Issac's asthma was really bad as well as he ran a fever for four days. Brianna had a sinus infection and I wondered if she had the flu as well.   Issac was up to doing some school on Thursday, but Brianna didn't do any. Hopefully next week we can get a full week of school in. We have a Valentine's Bowling party Tuesday and Thursday both kids have rechecks.  Issac is still wheezing and has completed his meds, so we'll see what happens on Thursday.
I got a little bit extra done around the house this week. Started reading a new book that a dear friend gave me.  It's called Homeschooling The Journey is The Reward

This is a book of stories about homeschoolers. The original was published in 1999. This version was published in 2007 and they've added updates to the original book. For me, reading about other homeschoolers is refreshing. I know that I'm not like everyone else, but you can easily get one little tidbit from each family and it can grow your homeschool. I enjoy also reading about people homeschooling in cities, rural areas, small families and large families.

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