Sunday, February 26, 2017

Freezer Meals

Many times over the years I've heard or read about making freezer meal, once a month cooking, etc.  It always sounded interested, but I just never did it (LOL) I've recently become part of a Facebook group called Dinner's Done! There has been a daily post of getting dinner done and pretty much all of it's in the crockpot.  A friend and I purchased 40#'s of chicken from Zaycon Fresh and I figured I'd try and use some recipes to set meals up for my family.  I used a 10# bag of the chicken and they were really big. I cut them almost into 1/3's and some were thick, so I cut those in 1/2's.  The friend I was sharing the chicken with sent me a link to The Creative Bite and I decided to try a few of their recipes.  I had the ingredients for the Hawaiian BBQ Chicken, Honey Balsamic & Onion Chicken and the Spicy Mexican Chicken.  I also decided to try Eat at Home and currently you can use code COUNTERTOP. I know that if I plan ahead then we don't eat out and that saves money. I've never been one that likes to pay someone else to give me a plan, but this price really seemed worth it to try it out.  I had the ingredients for their Slow Cooker Jerk Chicken Sandwiches, Buffalo Chicken Loaded Baked Potatoes and the Chicken Philly Sandwiches.  The first few meals from The Creative Bite are complete and just need to be popped into the crockpot.  The other three meals are about 90% complete in the bags and I got the one item each that I needed to complete them.  I hadn't planned to do this yesterday until the last minute, so I know it took me longer to put together than it should have. Even so if I spent 2 hours I still feel like that's going to greatly benefit me in the coming weeks!  

What is really cool about signing up for Eat at Home is truly all the planning is done for you! You get the menu, recipes & grocery list. Here's one week that I printed, so you can see what it looks like.  

I'm into the planning mode now, so hopefully I can work on some beef recipes next!

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