Monday, February 27, 2017

Review: Math Mammoth

I have met so many people that have used Math Mammoth and especially for "problem areas" that their children were struggling with. When I heard that we were getting to review something from Math Mammoth I was super excited because then I could see what all the hype was about :) We got a choice of Light Blue Series, which is an entire grade, or Blue Series, which is individual sections to work on. I chose the Blue Series and decided to go with Multiplication 1, Multiplication 2 and Division 1. My fourth grader is still having some struggles with multiplication and division, so this is the area that I wanted to focus on! They come in a PDF file and are only $3.70 each which is a great deal when you only have a few sections you want/need to focus on.

I have to admit that when I downloaded the first 20 or so sheets for us to work on my first thoughts were I don't think I like this program! I've always enjoyed math and honestly never been one for bells and whistles. Give me the problems and let me go. When I first looked at these pages it just seemed cluttered and lots of unnecessary problems.  I think I often forget that what I like or want to do isn't necessarily what works best for my kids! I sat down with my 9 year old and he just took right off. He was understanding everything that was asked of him and he enjoyed all the steps and repetition. After that first day I really sat down and looked more through the pages. I could really see then that it was building step-by-step, so that the child could have a better understanding.  The directions were very thorough and there were several pages of game suggestions to reinforce what he was learning.  

These books are really jam packed with information. Depending on your child you may need to do each and every page and for some there might be pages that can be skipped. These sets really have enough information to help a struggling child succeed!  The Multiplication 2 continues right where the first one left off.  There is continued review of what was learned in Multiplication 1 as well as moving on to other areas.  The kids work on money, double and hundred multiplication as well as many other topics.  Division 1 starts out with the same great instructions and suggestions for reinforcement!  

The contents page is a great place to start.  There might be specific areas in division that you need to focus on with your child. Starting on the contents page can help you locate exactly what you are looking for.  My son has trouble still with his handwriting.  It tires him easily to really put the effort he needs into making his handwriting legible.  We worked together on his pages and I did lots of the writing for him :)

Head over to FacebookGoogle+ and YouTube to check out Math Mammoth.  If you want to try Math Mammoth and aren't sure where to start check out the placement tests to help you figure out where your child needs to start.  If you just have a few areas that you want to help your child with then the Blue Series is where you want to be.  If you'd like to hear what other families think of the program please check out Homeschool Review Crew at the link below. 

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