Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Book Review: With Autumn's Return

I was recently sent some books from Baker Publishing Company to read and review.  I was pretty excited because who doesn't love a new book to read? One of the books that I chose was With Autumn's Return by Amanda Cabot.  I wasn't sure if I had read any books by this author before or not, but it sounded like the type of book that I enjoy reading.  The main character, Elizabeth Harding, arrives in Cheyenne to start a new medical practice.  To most people that wouldn't sound like it would be that hard, but this was back in the day when people didn't accept females as doctors.  She had family that lived in the town and that was the reason she chose the area.  We actually get the feeling that she thought this was a pretty progressive town, but when she arrived she definitely didn't feel welcome.  As the book continues she goes through the waiting and wondering if she did the right thing until she gets a client. Only this client is not the type of client that most people might think is the "right type" of client you would want.  I really feel like as the book goes on we get to know this character deeply as well as her neighbor Jason Nordling and her dear friend Gwen.  I am definitely going to check out some other books by this author.

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