Sunday, October 20, 2013

Prayers for Kadie

I'm writing today because my cousin's daughter was in a serious accident on Friday.  She was riding a scooter that had been modified to go faster.  She ended up with a serious head injury and many broken bones.  She doesn't have a hand or leg that isn't injured.  She is currently in a medical induced coma and is woken up every 2 hours.  She is able to move her hands/feet when told and nods when asked if she is in pain.  The doctors and nurses feel that is a very positive sign.  Every time she is woken and moved the pressure in her head increases. Her breaks were all very severe and her pain level is beyond anything I think most of us can imagine. My aunt told me there are about 20 churches praying for her in her local area alone.  I'd appreciate all that read this to pray for her and pass it alone for others to read and pray for her as well.

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