Monday, October 28, 2013

How to use your mason jars

I was reading a blog today and ran across a great article about 31 ways to use a mason jar.  Here is the link Keeper of the Home.  It got me thinking about whether or not I use my jars for anything special.  I just recently had a birthday and got a neat gift from my mom.  I had recently seen on Pinterest about how you could drill a hole in a lid and turn your mason jar into a drinking cup. I thought it was a neat idea and was hoping I could get my husband or son to do this project for me.  About a week or so later I saw somewhere online where you could buy a set of these lids already made for you. I sent the link to my mom and she surprised me with them for my birthday. The set included paper straws and 5 lids.  I like the idea, but have already realized the straws will be used up quickly and I'll have to figure out something else to do.  Pretty much I use my jars for leftovers and sometimes pen storage and that's about it.  There are some great ideas here that I'm going to have to start trying.

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