Monday, October 28, 2013

Using games for teaching

I've always like the idea of using games for teaching, but I've found that as the years have gone on I've used them less.  I'm trying to get back more to using them with Issac.  Today I ran across two great games that I think we'll start using.  One is a math game that will work on addition facts.  It's from Frugal Family Home and they show how you can use it either with paper or with felt.  I'm thinking of using it with the felt on our board that we have.  The other game I ran across today is for learning or practicing sight words.  This would also help Issac to work on his jumping as well :)  It's from Creative Family Fun I would love to get my oldest involved in more games, but sadly the only game he wants to play is his X-box (LOL)

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