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Review: Imagine. . .The Great Flood by Matt Koceich

Barbour Publishing

Imagine you got to experience one of the greatest events in history.  Imagine that you were alive during the time that God told Noah to build the ark and take his family and all the animals into it.  We recently felt like we were able to experience that great event by reading Imagine. . .The Great Flood by Matt Koceich by Barbour Publishing.  We were thrown right into the preparations of the loading of the ark!

IMAGINE... The Great Flood

The story starts out with ten-year-old Corey, his mom and his dog, Molly, taking a walk to the park.  Corey's family is planning a move to Florida. Corey isn't excited about the move, but his mom tells him that sometimes God calls us to places even though we aren't sure what will happen when we arrive.  A storm is approaching and the thunder and lightening is getting worse.  Molly has run off into the wood chasing a ball and Corey runs off to get her before the storm hits.  As Corey jumped over a log rushing after Molly, he trips, falls and blacks out.  

As Corey awakes he's in Mesopotamia 2400 B.C.  Corey is confused, is looking for his mom and dog, only to find two lions watching him.  Corey is terrified and asks God for mercy.  He hears a voice telling him that the lions won't hurt him.  He opens his eyes to find a robed man with a shepherd's staff near him.  The man introduces himself as Shem.  He proceeds to ask Corey to help him get the two lions onto his father's ark.  Corey is shocked to realize that he's looking at Noah's Ark! Shem explains to Corey that God commanded his father to build the boat because soon waters would cover the land.  He soon meets Shem's brothers, Japheth and Ham.  They explain that they need to move quickly because the Nephilim will try to stop them from completing their mission.  Corey tried to remember what the Nephilim were, but he quickly experienced for himself what they were and what their plans were.  

As the story progresses Corey experiences how the Nephilim try to stop Noah and his sons from loading the ark.  The weather turns stormy and Corey and the brothers realize they don't have much time to get the ark loaded with the remaining animals.  Corey is warned to stay away from Elizar.  He is told that many people would say he could help Corey get back home, but Shem warns him that his name means "The One Who Deceives" and that Corey should stay away from him.  Elizar and the Nephilim try to stop Corey and the brothers in their track.  As they try to get to the ark Corey realizes how much he needs God in his life and all that he does for us. He realizes that he had been putting his faith in himself and not God. He knows the only way he'll possibly make it out alive is by trusting and having faith in God.  

We enjoyed reading this story as our bedtime story.  Issac is ten, so I thought he might connect a little with Corey. I thought he might enjoy reading a book about a child his age having such an adventure.  The chapters were just the right size to read to Issac before bed.  I prefer shorter chapters because if they get too long then he'll fall asleep and I always feel we didn't have a good stopping place. I was able to easily read one chapter a night to him and we were able to discuss the book the next morning.  He's heard the story of Noah and the Ark many times over his life, but reading it in this context made him ask questions I hadn't heard before.  He really wondered about the Nephilim and compared it to a tv show we had watched about a hunt to know if giants ever really lived on the earth.  He just couldn't imagine how anyone got these animals to the ark as well as into the ark.  This historical fiction version of the great flood really got him thinking and exploring what he would have done.  

Matt Kocheich has given us a great Christian Fiction book for kids.  It's getting harder and harder these days to find clean books for kids.  Society is throwing things at them so early now due to all the social media and technology. It's nice to be able to sit down, read a book and know you don't have to worry about bad language. That's always a BIG plus for me. Add to that we are reading about a child who is learning to trust in God and count on him to guide his life makes it's even better.  

Issac really enjoyed the book and said he would like to read other books with a similar story line.  I would highly recommend Imagine. . .The Great Flood by Matt Koceich from Barbour Publishing.  It's a wonderful read aloud or could easily be read by most kids from fourth grade and up on their own.  Follow them on social media as well as read what my fellow crew members thought of this wonderful story.  

Imagine. . .The Great Flood by Matt Koceich {Barbour Publishing}

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