Saturday, August 5, 2017

Week Ending 8/5/2017

I've been trying to work a bit on school planning this week.  It seems a little strange to only have two kids to teach.  Our oldest only did one class at home last year, so he really wasn't around much. Now he's working full time, he's the manager at his store, and plans to go part time to study computers.  I think I have most of my 10th graders stuff planned out. I'm trying to let her schedule be a little lighter this year because she really felt stressed last year.  This is what I have planned and scheduled so far for this upcoming 10th grade year:

Unlock Geometry We reviewed this item recently and my daughter told me this was the best math that she had used.  She doesn't like math, so I ran with it when she didn't have anything negative to say about this program :) If you want to check out the program here is my referral link.  You'll get $50 off an annual purchase!

Brianna really liked the Abeka history she did in 8th grade, so we are going back to them.  We are doing the World History & Cultures this year.  I like Abeka because they don't have a ton of questions in each section and that makes my daughter happy. She also really seems to retain the information well!

For English this year she'll be doing Movies as Literature as well as Wordly Wise.  We tried Wordly Wise for the first time last year and my daughter was the only one out of the three that liked it (LOL) I've realized in this last year that even if I want to try other things if the kids are doing them without argument then I should probably just stick with them :) Movies as Literature I've thought about for a bit and even thought about it for the oldest.  I actually gave my daughter the choice of Movies as Literature or going with Abeka like she did last year. She liked the Abeka, but I think she liked the idea of watching movies all year!

I haven't figured out what she'll do for Bible this year and I'd like another elective for her. We did more art last year than we have in the past and both kids really like it. I'm trying to make a decision on which program to do.  I really need to figure out what I'm doing for Issac, so hopefully in this next week I'll get it finalized :)


  1. It's hard NOT trying out new things all the time! This is something I really struggle with. I make big changed every year (ha). I was just looking at Movies as Literature the other day. You will have to let me know what you think about it! Sadly Kenten is not a reader... This program might be a nice change up in the future!

    1. I know ALL about having one that is not a reader!! Issac has already started telling me he hates to read and this summer he didn't want to do the summer reading program. He's doing well with his reading and scored really good on his comprehension at test time. I don't know...... I can always send you the Movies as Literature when we are done (LOL) I think Brianna will complain about some of the movies, but we'll see how it goes :)

    2. Jack is still struggling with reading, but he loves listening. I really hope that his reading skills improve ALOT this year. Teenagers always find something to complain about 😂.

    3. They sure do! They can complain if we offer cake (LOL)


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