Saturday, June 24, 2017

Week Ending 6/2417

This week has been an extra busy one! Issac finally got his end of year testing finished, so I can try and start thinking about curriculum for him for next year. Some of his testing worried me a little because he seemed so behind in a few areas. He just doesn't seem to "get" punctuation, capitalization and often forgets his parts of speech. We've tried several things and they seem to work, but they don't stick. All we can do is keep moving forward :) I paid the extra fee for the curriculum recommendation and a few were the same as last year. That frustrated me a little because I know some things he did better in than last year. It's almost always been 2 steps forward and 1 back with him.

My husband and I celebrated our 21 wedding anniversary this week. We haven't actually celebrated, but the day came and went (lol) Our middle child was getting her wisdom teeth out that night, so the timing just wasn't right. I was really shocked to hear that she needed her wisdom teeth out. She seems too young! I know I had mine removed the Christmas after I was 18 and our oldest just had his out right before his 18th birthday. I just didn't expect it for her being 15. Both she and her older brother have always been late getting teeth in and losing them as well. She's done really great and I'm thankful we have such a great dentist!

Issac's off to my mom's for a week and I'm hoping they have a wonderful time together. She's never had him alone for a week, so we found a local camp that he could attend during the day. It's a full day camp, but she's planning to pick him up after lunch, so they have time together. My brother is going to get him 2 afternoons as well, so I think he'll have a great time! He was so excited when I told him Thursday.

We finished up 2 great reviews this week. These 2 were in my top ten of items that we've been blessed to review this year.  We were given the entire Rush Revere Series and Issac has really loved those! Our middle was also working on Unlock Math-Geometry. She said even though she dislikes math that Unlock Math is her favorite. That's HUGE praise coming from her! If you have any interest in trying Unlock Math please use this referral code-  You'll get $50 off your annual purchase of Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1 and I'll get $20.  We'll both win :)

Next week I'll be posting my review for Grade 3 Lightning Lit Set from Hewitt Homeschooling.  Issac and I have really enjoyed the books we've been reading while using this item.


  1. It certainly has been a busy week for you! I hope your daughter feels better soon. I have never had my wisdom teeth removed, but I am pretty sure I would be a baby about it (ha).

    Year end testing can be so stressful. We actually decided to take the year off from it because it is not a requirement here in Michigan. I had my children take a lot of placement tests for different curriculum choices over the last few weeks, and I didn't want to put them through any more big tests. It was a relief to take a break from it. I feel like I have a good understanding of where the kiddos are this year anyways.

    1. Sounds like your still getting a good understanding of what they need. Part of what confuses me is how different everything can be. K5 put his reading comprehension at the end of 5th grade where the CAT test recommended he work on 180 Days of Reading 4 which is the same thing that was recommended last year. A few of the days I don't think he was 100%, but then again that's more often than not (LOL)

    2. That is so frustrating... I wish everything could line up, so we could stop stressing all the time!

    3. I so agree Roxanne. Makes it hard to know what to believe!


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