Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Thankful Tuesday 6/27/17

Today I'm especially thankful for my mom and my brother. My mom decided to try and take the youngest for a week at her house. She's done this with the older two and everyone has always done well. She tried taking the younger one with the oldest a few years ago and it didn't go that great. This time I found a camp that she could take him to for part or most of the days.  My brother took off to spend two afternoons with him to help out. He was so excited to go, by himself, to spend a week with his grams. I'm hoping he has a great time and doesn't completely wear out his grams and uncle :) Here's a picture of him leaving the other day. The excitement didn't show on his face here (LOL)


  1. I hope he has a blast! It is exciting that he gets a one-on-one trip with his Grams and Uncle.

    1. When I talked to him Sunday night he didn't seem very happy. He had just gotten in trouble with my mom for taunting her dog with my brother's name (LOL) Monday he seemed the same way, but after Brianna got on the phone and harassed him he seemed better (LOL) Last night he was pretty talkative and excited that my brother was picking him up, taking him to Moe's Grill and then to the movies.

    2. It sounds like things are turning around, and hopefully he will be happy with the rest of the trip. Hopefully he has a good time at Moe's and the movies today!

  2. He's going to stay all day today and tomorrow I believe because the activities are in the afternoon these two days. Today is swimming and tomorrow is popcorn and a movie. I'm not sure how he'll do with the swimming, but I'm happy he wants to go :)


Thankful Tuesday 3/13/2018

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