Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day 6/18/17

My husband has had a rough two years due to an injury on the job.  He's in daily pain and I have to say that some days, most, haven't been pleasant around here over the last 2 years.  We've been trying to get back into doing more things together and I've noticed his irritability lessening some :) I think he had a wonderful day today thanks to his children. Our daughter really tries to go out of her way on holidays to make it special.  She made my husband several personalized gifts this year as well as spending a large chunk of pet sitting money she just earned on some gifts.  He was over the moon with all of them. One of them really touched him.  She made a painting of bricks and drew 2 trowels on it since he's a brick mason.  That really touched him and he told her it seemed like his birthday with so many gifts! She also made him a peanut butter pie and cooked fajitas for the main meal!

Our youngest has this thing he does where he wraps up his toys and books and gives them to people for their gifts.  Today he gave my husband a pack of cards and an atlas that were all his (LOL) Carl actually loved the atlas and didn't realize it was one of Issac's usual gifts :) He did make him a nice card where he drew a picture of the two of them playing cards.

Today is our oldest sons only day off, so it was nice that it fell on Father's Day! I think it made it a perfect day for my husband to have all the kids here.  We watched tv, played cards and just hung out together.  Love days like this and I'm so thankful that I have a wonderful husband to be a loving father to our kids.

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