Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Review: SpeedyPrep

In our state our 11th and 12th grade kids have the option of dual enrollment. My oldest took advantage of that this year and I want our middle to as well. Something I've heard a ton about in the last year is CLEP testing. If you pass the CLEP test then you've just earned college credit from home for that subject. What a COOL way to earn credit and keep college costs down. SpeedyPrep has come up with a way to help the need of knowing how to study for those CLEP tests! SpeedyPrep teaches by the mastery learning principle. You repeatedly need to answer questions correct to see your progress bar growing. They are making sure that you understand the information by teaching this way. They are so sure that this way of learning is best that if your progress bar is between 90-100% and you do NOT pass your CLEP test they will refund your subscription charge.If you have any questions about the program then check out this wonderful VIDEO that explains how the program works.

For $19.95 a month you can access ALL the classes that they offer. They offer the following courses:

* Biology
* Natural Sciences

* Introductory Business Law
* Information Systems
* Principles of Management
* Principles of Marketing
* Principles of Macroeconomics
* Principles of Microeconomics

Foreign Language
* Spanish

History & Social Sciences
* American Government
* US History I
* US History II
* Western Civilization I
* Western Civilization II
* Humanities

* Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
* English Literature
* College Composition

* College Algebra
* College Mathematics

Psychology & Human Development
* Introductory Psychology
* Introductory Sociology
* Human Growth and Development

The program keeps track of all the time you've spent in each class.  This way you can see how much time your child is spending on the program.  It keeps a separate list for each class.  Here is a shot of one that my daughter spent some time on. Our original goal was for my daughter to work in the program 3-4 times a week. My daughter found that sometimes she preferred working on the program multiple times in one day!

My daughter actually worked on a few different classes to see if she preferred one over the other.  She worked on Introductory Psychology, Analyzing & Interpreting Literature and United States History 1.  The main part of the program are the flashcards. Your asked a set number of questions for each section.  Quite a few of the questions had a video that goes with them that goes into great detail about that answer as well as other similar information.  My daughter really enjoyed the video part of the program.  She felt that the videos really helped her with her understanding. All children are different and my daughter  really didn't care for fill-in-the-blank type questions because she felt she struggled a bit.  She would have preferred multiple choice, but SpeedyPrep feels the fill-in-the-blank style questions help the student really know the material.  The fill-in-the-blank method is part of the mastery learning principle that SpeedyPrep feels is the best method of teaching for mastery of the information.  Exact spelling does matter in this program, so make sure you share that with your child.  If you have a child that struggles with spelling that could be an issue. My daughter actually missed several because of spelling. She hadn't really thought that she could go out of the program and check the spelling. She figured it would seem like she was looking up the answer (LOL) Although she had a few minor struggles she did find the questions and the information interesting.  At this time she's decided that she doesn't want to try for a CLEP test, but I hope that in the future she will change her mind. SpeedyPrep feels so confident in their method that they offer a money back guarantee when you've completed 90-100% and as a parent that speaks volumes to me.  When my daughter is ready to try for a CLEP test we will use this program to help her study.

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  1. I will have to look into that for Maguire. Thanks for the great review.

  2. First of all, thanks for the review! We would love to feature your blog on the SpeedyPrep blog, but I wanted to get your permission first. May we use your blog on our site? We also have a discount site that I want to share with you: . Please use this coupon to waive the $79.00 fee: SHARA. If you or any of your readers would like to become Making Education Possible affiliate let me know. If you have time for a call please use my meeting link to schedule a call: Thanks, Shara Wright, SpeedyPrep


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