Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Review: Planet 316

I've recently found a new game that I'm enjoying playing every day! Daily Bible Jigsaw is a puzzle game by Planet 316 with beautiful pictures and Bible verses.  I think everyone remembers the fun days of doing puzzles when we were younger. What better way to do one than with a beautiful Bible verse attached.  You receive one free puzzle a day, but can purchase coins to play additional puzzles. It cost 3 coins to play each additional puzzle and there are also tools that you can use while doing the puzzle.  You can choose between rotate, guide, sweep, edges & magnet.  I used the guide most often, so that I could see what the puzzle was suppose to look like when I finished.  Rotate turns everything to the right, magnet puts two puzzle pieces together, sweep moves everything off the "board" and edges takes everything away except the edge pieces. I think most people do the edges first, so that was another "help" that I used.  I found myself playing several times a day because I enjoyed it so much.  I would do the daily puzzle and then go back and work on the previous puzzles that I've missed.  I have to admit that I'm not really great on the speed, but for me I just enjoy actually completing the puzzles (LOL) I received 500 coins free for reviewing this item, but I didn't want to use all my coins right away. I mainly used my coins to play additional puzzles after the free one of the day.  You can earn a few free coins here and there for completing a certain number of puzzles and speed. I try not to spend money on games, so I don't know that I would have purchased the coins if I hadn't been given them for free. I know many games give a "freebie" of the day, so I think that would be great in this app.  Maybe free coins each day, more than one free puzzle, or to be able to earn a higher number of coins when you achieve certain things.

There are several options to play Daily Bible Jigsaw.  

What a wonderful way to jump into your Bible reading each day than through a puzzle from Daily Bible Jigsaw. I've enjoyed taking some of the daily verses and reading additional verses.  I've been playing on my phone and it's been easier than I thought to move the puzzle pieces around :) Normally I would prefer to play a game like this on the desktop computer, but I decided to try it on my phone and I've been pleased.    I've enjoyed sharing the pictures with friends on Facebook and also watching my times.  Like I said previously, I'm not very fast, but when I do get a "decent" time I'm pretty excited.  Here are a few pictures I took recently.  

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Daily Bible Jigsaw {Planet 316 Reviews}

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