Sunday, April 23, 2017

Week Ending 4/22/17

This week has really been a ROUGH week! Seems like everything in the house is falling apart (LOL) The dryer already wasn't working, the washer started leaking now, the keyboard messed up and then the printer (LOL) I switched the printer back out, but somehow turned in the cord to attach to the computer (LOL) It's suppose to connect wirelessly, but it's not (LOL) Seems like all the basics are falling apart (LOL) Trying to remember the saying about turning lemons into lemonade (LOL) I need to order out end of year testing and get that done. I usually do it mid-April, but it hasn't happened yet. We did have our Spring Formal Friday night. The first one we've done and it turned out fairly well. There were a few issues, but I'm taking notes (LOL) Issac's birthday is in a week, so that's on the schedule for this week :) Trying to figure out what to get him and to have a good school week :)

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