Monday, February 6, 2017

Really hate seeing what asthma does to my kids!

I really hate seeing my kids sick. I think any parent feels the same way. For those parents that deal with asthma I think it takes it to a different level. It's really hard when you see your child struggling to breathe and there isn't much you can do for them. Both kids went for allergy testing on Thursday. That morning Issac coughed a few times and told me he thought his brother made him sick. Zachary has been coughing for a bit, but nothing else. Friday evening Issac's cough was much worse. He's been running a temperature ever since that night. My kids really don't tend to run fevers or even get sick to their stomach. The asthma has probably been the biggest issue. It seems when Issac starts to get a cold that the asthma kicks in. Brianna was the same when she was younger. We thought she had outgrown the asthma like Zachary, but in May she had a terrible flair up. It was the worse I had ever seen her and even the doctor was very concerned. Issac's fever has been pretty much 100.7-102.5 ever since Friday evening. It dropped to 99.8 once, but has mostly  been 101-102. This is very unusual for him. Brianna started to feel a little icky yesterday and it seemed like she had a sinus infection. My mom seems to skip the cold and go straight to the sinus infection and Brianna seems to have inherited that from her. This morning she couldn't talk because she was struggling to breathe and every time she sneezes she yells ow :( Issac's fever was down to 99.5 this morning, so I hadn't planned to take them to the doctor. Around 11 he was already struggling to breathe more and when I felt him I knew the fever was back. I went ahead and called to take them both in. We have an appointment first thing in the morning and hopefully they'll get relief. Issac keeps asking me why he's sick. His chest hurts from coughing so much as well as struggling to breathe. When he finally fell asleep earlier he was moaning in his sleep because he felt so badly. Brianna slept for probably 3 hours and she's not wheezing right now, but the sinus infection is really bothering her. Thankful for those that don't have to deal with asthma and feel for those that do!

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