Monday, January 9, 2017

Today is such a beautiful day!

I went outside to take the dog out this morning and I thought the world just looked beautiful! There is still snow and ice on the ground from the winter weather we got on Friday.  I love winter and I love looking outside to see snow on the ground and it being so bright outside. As a child I remember hearing that we might get snow and looking out the window first thing in the morning to see if we got the snow. Even though I'm not a child anymore there is still something so magical about seeing those snowflakes! Maybe it takes me back to when I was a child or maybe it's just the fact that everything seems so calm when it snows. Here are a few pictures from the house this morning:

When we hear that snow is being called for we always make sure we get marshmallows! When you have a nice roaring fire nothing seems better than roasting marshmallows (LOL) We have plenty of wood to keep the fire going and now we are venturing out for our first trip since Friday. We'll see how long it takes for the car to warm up :) I hope this won't be our only snow for the year. It just puts me in such a wonderful mood when we have snow :)

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