Saturday, January 7, 2017

First Week of January Ramblings

Life never seems to go as we expect or want it too! The first week back from Christmas vacation is just as hectic as any other week.  We started out really well on Monday.  Issac had a really great day with school.  He had no issues with his siblings, knocked all his work out and was done around 1:00. I explained to him that he could do that every day if he didn't let his emotions get in his way (LOL) Tuesday didn't go as well for him. He had a really rough day and kept telling me he just didn't feel like doing school. Instead of trying to fight it and make things worse we put up the books and pulled out the microscope. For Christmas I had ordered him a set of these slides from ebay. We looked at those for about an hour. He is very into geography, so we also played Five-State Rummy and that was fun.

We had a 4-H meeting on Thursday morning and were suppose to go to our monthly craft class that afternoon. Zachary was scheduled to have his wisdom teeth removed at 5:00 and they were calling for bad weather Friday. Since Carl still has trouble with the arm he injured there are some things that I just need Zachary to do for me. We came home after 4-H and he did the things I needed him to do.  I was getting nervous about his wisdom teeth removal because our regular dentist was doing it and he wouldn't be put to sleep. It went so well. He had some pain that night around 10:00 and otherwise he's done good. Yesterday he was up and about and basically in NO pain. Today he's cleaned his room, done his laundry, fixed the dog fence and walked to his girlfriend's house TWICE. Hopefully he continues to do well. I think this is another example of how much he's like his father.  Carl had a root canal about 15 years ago and went on to work after it was done. I've also seen him get a tooth pulled and then went on to work.

We went to pick up Issac's Charleston Bending Brace yesterday afternoon. It looks so big and bulky that I immediately wondered how he'd sleep in it. They suggested that we do an hour the first day, two hours the second day etc. We put it on him last night and he hated it. It looks very strange and like it doesn't fit. I imagine it's because they are trying to make his spine go the opposite way of the curve while he's sleeping. He was in there saying he couldn't turn around and hitting the brace.  I went in there right at an hour to tell him he could take it off and he had fallen asleep. He slept the entire night with it on! This morning we checked him out and no marks, so apparently it fits well.

We woke up to a nice, small amount of snow this morning. Issac has been in and out of it all day. He played with a girl from up the street for a while and then he and I tried to have a snowball fight.  I really love the snow and hate that we don't get more. I just think there is nothing more beautiful than looking out the window and seeing that snow come down.

We didn't get as much school done this week with the few activities that we had to do.  We'll just keep on moving forward like we always do. I don't like to get too behind, but I also try not to stress too much either. Stressing doesn't put the children or myself in a good mood.

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