Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday Catch Up

Tomorrow is the BIG travel day! I'm still excited and nervous :) Today has been spent somewhat busy trying to prepare. I had things I needed to get done and didn't want them waiting for me when I get back (LOL) I needed to do Zachary's FAFSA paperwork. That didn't take long, but Brianna was trying to play with me by pushing on my chair, so I had to slow down and make sure I didn't make any mistakes:) We had a few things to do in town this morning and then stopped to pick up a few snacks. Issac is having his FIRST sleepover here at the house tonight. He spent the night with this friend a few weeks ago and he had the BEST time. He's never gone to a sleepover other than my mom's for a few days. It's been nice for him to be occupied while I was busy working on my list.  Here's a picture of one of the things they decided to do.

 I've been doing laundry, made spaghetti, cleaned off the computer desk and the kitchen counter. Now I have to put away that pile of papers I took off those two places :) One of the biggest things is that I need to make sure I have my reading material for the plane :) I can't imagine what I'd do if I got there without it (LOL) I'm super excited because my favorite magazine is The Old Schoolhouse The magazine went digital and I'll be honest I haven't read it as often :( Once a year they print a HUGE edition and send it out. I'm always so excited because I'd just much prefer to hold the magazine in my hand. Mine arrived two days ago and I decided NOT to open it and save it for the plane ride. I also got a book in the mail today to review that I think I'll take. Sensei Po, the kid's sensei, also lent me a book on Green Berets. So many choices, so I'll just take them all :) I'm hoping to update after the meeting on Monday, but not sure if I'll get a chance too before the dinner. If not, I'll try to post an update on Tuesday.


  1. Wow, You got a lot accomplished Teresa! I hope that you have a wonderful trip!

  2. I am so excited for your little man! Having your first sleepover is a big deal... I hope they had a great time! Enjoy your trip and all of those great reading options.

    1. He was so excited. They fell asleep right beside each other(lol) He's been asking tie Skype with Jack, is maybe we can plan a time:)


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