Thursday, January 12, 2017

Charleston Bending Brace

Issac has had his Charleston Bending Brace for one week tomorrow. We were suppose to start out wearing it one hour the first night and increase one hour each night. Friday night we put it on him and he wasn't very happy :( He was hitting the brace and it honestly made me think of a little child (LOL) We were going to let him wear it and watch tv for an hour, but he fell asleep. I tried to wake him up, but pretty much once he's asleep he's out! I figured if he woke up and took it off during the night it wouldn't be a problem. He slept the entire night with it on! We checked him like we were told to make sure there were no problem areas where the brace upset his skin. He didn't have a single mark on him. When we picked it up they told us that a body sock was suppose to be ordered, but didn't come in. We go back Wednesday for them to check and see how he's doing and we'll pick up the body sock then. Right now he's been fine just wearing it over a t-shirt. He's complained the last few nights, asking how long he'll have to wear it. I didn't want to tell him that my guess is he'll wear it until he stops growing. I figured no specific answer at this point was probably best.  Last night he really had a hard time. He was begging me to let him not wear it. I insisted and he finally let me help him put it on.  I snapped this picture of him.

He's usually happier in pictures that I take of him.  He was asleep within five minutes though and slept all night. I think it's just the act of getting the brace on because it's hard for him to move or turn over in the brace.  I'm thinking I might start letting him not wear it one night a week, but not sure if that's a good idea to start that or not. I've also thought of some type of reward chart to help now. Maybe he can rent a game or something after wearing it a certain amount of days.

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