Thursday, November 3, 2016

Therapy Update for Issac

Issac recently started back to Occupational Therapy. He didn't want to go back because he felt since they released him a few years ago that he shouldn't have to go back. In just a few weeks he's made amazing strides!! He's done well with writing his letters with the correct spacing (LOL) We've worked on that for YEARS at this point and it seemed like nothing made it clear for him. His new therapist has lots of little sayings, neat visual cards and great ideas.  It's been amazing for him and he's enjoying it. Today he copied two sentences I had written and they were totally legible.  His letters get smaller the more he writes, so that needs to be addressed, but he's progressed amazingly in just a few weeks.  He's working on typing, so that he can do more since his hands get so tired.  He's been typing a paragraph a day that he copies from a book.
He also recently did quite a bit of testing for Speech. It looks like he WILL NOT qualify anymore.  For the first time since he was one, it looks like he won't be in Speech Therapy anymore! He's made HUGE strides in the last year. In kindergarten he started reading great, but when we took a break at Christmas it was like he forgot everything. We've been working ever since and reading just hasn't picked up for him. About a year ago the owner of where he attends therapy gave us some things to work on. We've all been working hard for the last year and it's just amazing the strides he's made.  I actually had to put a lock on my phone because he goes in now to read my text messages (LOL) Some of his testing is still in the low-average range, but it's not enough to qualify for him. We are going to continue working on the areas he was low in and hopefully start a new, online program in a few months that will work on those areas. I am just so proud at how much he's achieved in the last year. I know he understands he's done well, but I don't think he has any idea how far he's come.


  1. This is amazing news! I am so happy for you and your little man.

  2. I'm so excited too! We still have several things to work on, but it's so nice seeing this progress :)


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