Monday, May 25, 2015

Book Review: the beauty of grace- stories of God's love from today's most popular writers

This book was a wonderful read.  There are over 17 wonderful people contributing in this book.  Every story is different, but they are all touching.  They all come from the heart, are written with love and warmth.  When I was reading this book I felt as though I was sitting in a room with a group of good friends.  It felt as if we were all sitting and telling each other our deepest stories.  I love when I read stories or books like this because then I get to really feel that I know the hearts of others and feel that I'm not always going through certain situations alone.  I would recommend this book to everyone.  It's an easy book, you can stop at start it at lots of different places and it's one book that you won't regret reading when you are done!

** I was giving this book for free for my honest opinion. 

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