Sunday, March 8, 2015

Book Review: The Trouble with Patience by Maggie Brendan

This book touched my heart because it reminded me of praying for patience and then trials coming your way (LOL)  Patience Cavanaugh is trying to bring her grandmother's boarding house back to it's original glory, but she doesn't have much money, man power, or materials.  She's got lots of love and wonderful cooking skills, but is that enough?? She meets the town marshal and after their initial meeting thinks that maybe they can workout a deal.  She'll cook for him and he can work for her around the boarding house.  She's not sure where this arrangement will lead them, but when a mystery man arrives in town and offers to help her around the boarding house it throws an interesting wrench into the mix.  Add to that cattle disappearing, her mother arriving in town, jewelry disappearing and Patience trying to write a devotional.  That all adds up to an interesting story!

** I received this book for free for my honest review.

Book Review: Where Rivers Part by Kellie Coates Gilbert

I really liked this book.  To me it was the kind of book that is right verses wrong.  Dr. Juliet Ryan works for a company to provide safe drinking water to many.  She has had a struggle along the way because her path is not exactly what her father had wanted.  He is a brilliant man and the beginning of our story finds  the two of them battling it out at a conference.  Some safety issues start showing up and has Juliet starts investigating the fingers start pointing at her.  It seems as if there is no one in her corner except possibly the one person she thought was always against her. This book is a battle of good v/s evil and right v/s wrong in my opinion and I enjoyed it greatly.

** I received this book free in exchange for my honest review.

Book Review: At Home In Last Chance by Cathleen Armstrong

This is the third book in A Place to Call Home series.  I like the way the author develops the characters because they are very real.  I can relate to everyone in this story.  The main character, Kaitlyn, has had some trouble and hasn't been a very good mom to her daughter.  She has sent her to live with her brother in the small town of Last Chance.  It's a wonderful small town where everyone seems to know what everyone is up to.  Kaityln has come to Last Chance to hopefully rebuild her relationship with her daughter.  One of my favorite characters is Gran.  She's a wonderful part of this story.  She gives love and advice to everyone and without her I don't think this story would be as good.

** I received this story for free for my honest review.

Book Review: Hidden Agenda by Lisa Harris

I have really enjoyed this series.  I really like how the author puts the characters together in this series.  The books starts right off  dramatically with Michael's character being in a situation where his cover is blown.  He's not sure he's going to make it out alive and he's helped by two people that he later learns are the people he'd think are least likely to help.  As the story unfolds a relationship builds with Michael and Olivia, who is one of the people who helped him escape.  Michael is running from the police, the bad guys, basically everyone.  The only person he can trust is Olivia and her brother Ivan, and he's not 100% sure he can trust them.  For now, they are all he has and he's running a race for his life.

** I received this book free for my honest review.

Book Review: The Financially Confident Woman by Mary Hunt

I really enjoy reading Mary Hunt's books.  I feel that she really writes, so that the average woman can plan for her future.  She gives an easy plan to follow and explains in her books how she's been where many women have been, struggling financially. She doesn't write her books to have women set their money up hiding in from their husbands, she's just showing women how to help plan for the future. I feel that often these type books give too many steps, are hard to follow and honestly really are for people that already have money.  Mary shows you how you can start with just a small amount of money and work towards larger goals.  She's showing us that we have to start somewhere and that smaller is better than nothing. I would highly recommend anything she's written!

** I have received this book free for my honest review.

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