Sunday, March 8, 2015

Book Review: At Home In Last Chance by Cathleen Armstrong

This is the third book in A Place to Call Home series.  I like the way the author develops the characters because they are very real.  I can relate to everyone in this story.  The main character, Kaitlyn, has had some trouble and hasn't been a very good mom to her daughter.  She has sent her to live with her brother in the small town of Last Chance.  It's a wonderful small town where everyone seems to know what everyone is up to.  Kaityln has come to Last Chance to hopefully rebuild her relationship with her daughter.  One of my favorite characters is Gran.  She's a wonderful part of this story.  She gives love and advice to everyone and without her I don't think this story would be as good.

** I received this story for free for my honest review.

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