Thursday, October 10, 2013

Let's Talk Sugar.....

I was raised in the south and love sweet tea! Over the years I have gotten away from drinking it on a regular basis. In the winter time I love to drink hot tea and that is where I tend to have problems.  I have used sweeteners over the years, Splenda for many, and 2 packs is just perfect for my cup of tea. When I think about going away from using those type of sweeteners I struggle on what to use. When I use regular sugar I feel like I have to put more in than I'd like. I've tried honey and I just don't get that sweet taste that I'm looking for.  I've looked at many of the items on the sugar aisle and they all seem to me to have similiar ingredients, but try to say they are different. When it's winter time I could easily drink 6-8 cups of hot tea in a day, so I really don't want to be adding extra weight to my body with lots of sugar. Yet I don't want the issues that come with sweeteners.  Would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I use only honey...and, more specifically, local honey. Some people like stevia. I've never tried it.

  2. Thanks Sherry. I know Uncle Mike and his family only use honey. I've tried it, but it just seems like I have to use so much to actually taste the sweetness. I'm sure I've tried local honey, but maybe I haven't used it enough to really know the difference. I also haven't tried Stevia, but I thought I remembered looking at it and thinking it was similiar to some of the other artificial things out there. Then again I've looked at so many things, that I could just be remembering wrong :)

  3. Try agave nectar. I prefer the amber but the dark is fine too. You can use it for cold or hot drinks.

  4. Thanks Cheryl, I'll try that. I had some for a recipe and then forgot what I had planned to use it for (LOL) I hope you and your family are well!


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