Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekly Menu

I'm trying to get myself back in the habit of planning my meals for the week.  We are heading into Girl Scout Cookie Season and I definately need to be on top of things or we might not be eating (LOL) We get our cookies on Tuesday of this week. I have to head over to our leader's house right after Issac's therapy and help unload.  Next weekend we have a 3 booths, so I'm trying to plan my meals from today through next Sunday at least.  Here is what I have planned:

Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and frozen veggies
Hot Dogs, Tator Tots and frozen veggies
Beef Stroganoff Casserole with either frozen veggies or salad.  The recipe I'm using is from
Squash & Lentil Stew with salad.  This recip is also from
Baked chicken & potatoes with veggies
Spaghetti and either frozen veggies or salad
Chef John's Turkey Sloppy Joes, Fries and veggies.  I got this recipe off
**I wanted to stretch mine a little further than the beef I used that night, so I added cooked lentils to it and nobody noticed:)

I just realized I'm short one meal here (LOL) My brain isn't coming up with anything else at this point. More than likely I'll make homeade soup one day. Maybe on the weekend because after standing outside Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon/evening homeade soup would feel great!


  1. Way to be on the ball and plan your week instead of letting your week "plan you out."

  2. Thanks Trina, I'm trying :) Miss you guys!


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