Thursday, January 24, 2013

Saving Money

I recently read a post from a dear friend's blog about saving money. I always seem to have the thought that I need to put away a certain amount each week or month to really be saving.  When I saw this chart I realized that anything truly is better than nothing! I talked to dh and he was onboard.  We are only going into week 4, but it feels good to know that we are doing something. 


  1. Cant wait to see what you do with your blog. I was excited to see ya'll are doing the money thing, it is hard but exciting to see something in savings too.

  2. I was really excited to see that on your blog. The chart is what really put it into motion for me :) I think it's a great idea and I'm so excited I saw your post about it.

  3. I am also doing this challenge for a Jubilee offering we are doing at the end of the year as well as saving $ for Christmas next year.

    1. That's great that you are doing it as well Rachelle. Maybe we can all keep each other accountable :)


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