Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Review: Continent Race by Byron's Games

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.  

Byron's Games  started when 6 year old Byron was on a month-long stay at the hospital. He wasn't feeling well and had lost his spark until an employee from the Family Life Center saw how interested he was in the Summer Olympic statistics they had on the wall.  His mom said he's always loved geography and when seeing his interest in the Olympics the hospital employee challenged him to create his own game.  The idea of creating his own game around a subject that he loved sparked a little of the old Byron back.  This is how Continent Race was born.  Byron and his family took his love of geography and turned it into a fun, family game. 
Our youngest has developed a love in history and geography and I have to admit those are subjects I'm not as knowledgeable about, so I always look for any fun games and activities that help me to teach him.  I've found over the years that learning through games is so great for all kids, but especially those that deal with any type of special needs. Some of our toughest subjects I turn to games because then it doesn't seem as much like work.  Issac was super excited to receive Continent Race and I was pretty impressed with it from the beginning. The box was very colorful, super sturdy and all the pieces included were just as great quality. Games really need to hold up to the constant wear and tear from playing or it really becomes frustrating to the moms who then have to try and fix them or replace them. This is one of those games that I won't have to worry about doing that with because it was made to last.  Byron's Games  has donated many of these games back to the hospital where Byron stayed and I'm sure they thought about the need for extra sturdy materials to hold up under all the use.  A portion of their proceeds also go back to benefit the hospital.  They definitely want to give back and help others as much as they were helped.  

When we first opened the game I was a little confused with the directions.  That was easily fixed by watching this VIDEO and we were quickly on our way.  The game arrives with 5 Continent List Maps, 1 World Map, 205 Country Cards and 3 Antarctica Wild Cards.  This game is recommended for children 7+ with a minimum of 2 players.  It takes about 30 minutes, so it's a quick game you can squeeze in on those busy days/nights.  There are two ways to play this game. The basic level or the advanced. We stuck to the basic level for our games.  Seven cards are dealt out to each person to start the game and then each turn a player draws a card and discards a card. The object is to collect the number of country cards from the continent to win. The Antartica cards have their advantage in that you can use them to complete a continent set.  The cards are all color coded, so that is helpful for those that don't know their geography that well :) We had issues pronouncing the names, but HELP was provided as well as some fun extras. In the advanced level the strategy is the same, but there are orange mystery cards shuffled in the deck. You have to figure out the continent that the mystery card belongs too without the help of the color coding like in the basic level of play.  There is also the option to challenge at the advanced level.  We haven't reached the advanced level yet, but are still learning so much and having a great time playing the basic level.   

This is a great game to use in your homeschooling on those days you need to get away from the books or for that extra boost for your kids on the weekends. It's a fun game that you can easily team up and play with younger children and the entire family can have fun.  Byron's Games  has also come up with Connections Stationary Kit which they recommend for ages 6+.  In the age of technology it's nice to still get those hand written letters and this stationary kit has everything you need.  Great for those that want to keep in touch with family members in other states or just to send a friend a little note.  They are continuing to offer more products, so be sure to follow them on social media to keep up-to-date. 

My fellow reviewers had the choice between Continent Race and Connections Stationary Kit.  Check out how they used these in their households these last few weeks.

Continent Race & Connections Stationery Kit {Byron's Games}


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