Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Thankful Tuesday 11/6/2018

Today I'm extremely thankful that Issac seems to be recovering well.  He still has a long recovery process, but I'm amazed at how well he's done since we've been home! He had his spinal fusion on 10/24/2018 and we came home on 10/27/2018. He's been off the heavy pain meds for days as well as hasn't needed anything for muscle spasms. I had heard that was one of the biggest issues for most was the muscle spasms. He still can't get in or out of bed by himself and his sitting and standing time is limited. Each day he gets up more and yesterday without me asking him he asked to get up 7 times. For the most part he's acting himself. Making sure he has his pretend keys, registrations, wallet and phone. He keeps asking when he'll be ready to sit on the couch to "drive" (LOL)

I'm incredibly thankful to Dr. Lark, his orthopedic surgeon. He's a wonderful doctor and really has a way with the kids. He jokes around with them, but also gets right down on their level and will answer ANY questions that they have. The last day we saw him in the hospital he asked Issac how he was feeling? Issac told him his back hurt (LOL) Dr.Lark replied "duh!!" and Issac responded with "it's all YOUR fault!" This was all fun and games and he's just truly a wonderful doctor. Everyone that we met in the hospital spoke his praises and said how lucky we were to have him as our doctor. His "about me" section in his profile pretty much sums up the type of person he is to his patients.

I'm thankful that Issac is doing so well, but I know that we aren't "recovered" totally yet. There is a long healing process, but I'm thankful he's doing so well. Even the day we were leaving Dr. Lark told me that Issac had far exceeded his expectations. He said he really didn't think he would have managed everything he needed to be released. It was hard, especially that first day, but he's doing so much better now!


  1. So thankful your little man is handling this like a champ and he has a wonderful doctor to help you both through this. Been thinking about you guys every day, and it is such a relief to see these good updates.

    1. There are struggles for sure, but it's going better than I thought it might :)


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