Monday, June 4, 2018

Just another day of school!

This has been a very difficult year for us and truly the last few years have been tough. My husband was injured on the job about 3+ years ago and hasn't been able to work since. We are currently fighting for disability. As those that homeschool know school continues to go on no matter what is happening in life :) The kids and I were at the house the last few days trying to work in the yard. We have almost 6 acres, but most of it is full of trees and shrubs. Our riding lawnmower is not fixable, but thanks to good friends we are able to use their push lawnmower. Brianna worked on mowing while I worked on burning yesterday. Today being a "school day" we packed up the books and went to the house. Issac mostly rode around on an electric scooter we found in the yard the other day and pretty much went in the opposite direction of work that Brianna or I were doing (LOL) 

I decided to work in the back near the house and see how much of the grass I could mow down. Issac and I dragged the last of the wood to be burned to the back, so that I could watch it while I mowed.

 In between mowing and burning Issac and I worked on school. We sat in the covered carport and worked on our new Bible program that we started. We are a bit late in starting it as I had an issue with the post office and forwarding the box to the new house. We started working in the Bible Study Guide For All Ages in the Intermediate (3rd & 4th grade) portion. Issac is actually finishing up 5th grade, but when I looked at the examples there was more writing needed in the advanced portion, so I felt the intermediate would be a better fit for him.  I really love the amazing timeline and maps that we received with this program. 

 We are also currently working in the Hake/Saxon Grammar and Writing 3. Again, Issac is using a lower grade level than he's in, but he's had such trouble remembering parts of speech that I felt this was a better fit. We are still working in the A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.), but didn't have the computer with us. Issac has been reviewing adding 5 digit numbers with 4 digit numbers and 4 digit numbers with 3 digit numbers. I just wrote some problems down on paper for him to work through. He also managed to do a lesson in his Spelling Workout C. All in all a pretty good day for working outside as well as school. When I got home I was SUPER sore from working, so I was able to use the bath bomb my daughter-in-law purchased for me recently. She couldn't believe I hadn't had one of the huge bombs from Lush.  This is the one she picked out for me and it was pretty cool! My water was bluish with swirls of other colors as well. 

After that I decided to check my mail and found a cool freebie for Issac.  Sandra from has this great outdoor scavenger hunt freebie.  This will be perfect for Issac the next time we are at the house. When your homeschooling you have to make adjustments for whatever happens in life. It can be sickness, new babies, moving or just extra fun time. It's all about compromise and making things work for each family. 


  1. You guys have been busy! Best of luck with all your yard work and review items. That was so sweet of your daughter-in-law to buy you a bath bomb 😍


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