Saturday, May 26, 2018

Week Ending 5/26/2018

Where has the time gone this month? It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Issac's 11th birthday and I was preparing to go to Boston for our UDN PEER meeting. Before we even realize it the school year will be over and we'll be in the heat of summer. I'm not looking forward to the heat!

This past week has been one of the busiest weeks this month. Brianna had her orthodontist appointment on Monday and was super excited to find out she didn't have to have bands for this next 6 week session. Apparently her largest gap that she was mostly concerned about has started closing, so she was super excited to hear that!

Tuesday Issac had his 6 month follow up with the electrophysiologist. They are following him for his elongated qt. They has prescribed an AED, but we have had insurance issues with that. I think we finally found the people to help us and we'll see if we get it soon :) He feels the beta-blocker he put Issac on is doing well and hasn't seemed to aggravate his asthma like was the concern, so we're good for another 6 months.

Wednesday Issac had his follow up with the pediatrician from the asthma flair up the week before. Thankfully he was so much better. No wheezing and barely any coughing.  The only issue was his 2 large toes looked very strange to me and she got the pleasure of informing me he has a fungus :( Yikes, how does an 11 year old get a fungus on only his 2 large toes and we didn't have a clue? I guess I have to start checking his toes out a little more (LOL)

Thursday I had to take our daughter to the neurologist to follow up on the headaches and migraines she has continued to have. He feels they are becoming rebound headaches, so we are going to stop ALL over the counter meds to try and reboot her system. He's also starting her out on a low dose of preventative meds to see if that helps. I'm hoping she'll get some relief from it because they are making her miserable!!

Friday was the homeschool formal.  My daughter looked so beautiful, but wouldn't take a nice picture with me!! Hard to believe her dress was less than $10!!

Last night Issac had a good friend over as his parents were out celebrating their anniversary. When boys get together they want to sit in front of the game consoles for hours (LOL) I made sure my husband knew that I didn't want them there the entire night, so he did a great job of keeping an eye on them and suggesting when to do other things. It was so precious hearing them talking before they fell asleep last night. Nothing better in life than a friend :) Today they spent the day playing video games, shooting basketball, Nerf gun war and we played about 3 or 4 games of Clue. While Issac's friend was here he told him very excitedly that he has a toe fungus!! I gently told him that information is not always wanted by other s:) All in all it was a great day!

Tomorrow will be a hard day for me. Our oldest and his family are coming over for lunch. When it's time for them to leave we will be saying goodbye to him for the next 9 weeks. He's heading off to basic in the Army. I have already shed SO many tears over this and I keep telling myself that he's just starting his life and that I should remind myself how luck I am that he is here on this earth. I wasn't this emotional when he got his license, a job or even moved out. It's just gotten very real that when this part of the process is all said and done he won't live just a few minutes away from us anymore. He could very easily end up in another country. This mama will be shedding quite a few tears over this next week!


  1. That's quite an update! I hope the new medicine helps with Brianna's migraines. I hate that she is going through this... migraines are the worst. She looked absolutely beautiful in her dress though 😍.

    Issac is such a boy (lol). I'm pretty sure Jack would have reacted the same way if he found out he had a toe fungus.

    1. I wish I had gotten a picture of the back of the dress as it had white showing. It was originally $15 and then was half off when Rose went. Hard to imagine paying full price when you find things like that (LOL)

    2. The thrift is THE way to go for formal dresses. Last year we got TWO dresses for $30 from a totally different store. She couldn't decide which one and I felt like for $30 we could get both :)


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