Saturday, March 31, 2018

Busy Hands Make a Sleepy Mama!

I have been having trouble sleeping well this week and it's been so very frustrating. What I really struggle to understand is how when I'm restless the nightmares seem to appear. That then makes my sleep worse and it's a vicious cycle! This morning I decided that we needed some muffins to snack on this week and I had varied frozen fruit in the freezer that I wanted to use up. We will be moving soon and while I don't want my extra freezer empty there are some things that could be used up to make the packing go much smoother :) I found a bag of craisins in the freezer and decided to use those for muffins. For the life of me I have NO idea why I have a LARGE bag of craisins in the freezer (LOL) I hit Pinterest looking for some recipes and found one that looked good.  Found this recipe for Cranberry Blueberry Muffins that looked good, so we went with it. I decided to do 2 batches with just the craisins, did 2 batches with just the blueberries and then used the same recipe and used banana. Issac said he wasn't sure he liked the craisins and proceded to pick them out of one of his muffins! (LOL) I thought they tasted good, so I'll use this recipe again. I actually would have continued baking more, but realized I didn't have much Pam spray and I ran out of eggs (LOL) I hadn't planned on baking muffins today, so the eggs I had on hand were already planned out for deviled eggs, potato salad and dying.  I went to grab extra eggs last night when I was at Family Dollar, but I noticed the eggs that are usually $1 per dozen were marked $2.40 per dozen, so I skipped them!

While working on the muffins I cooked about 2 1/2 dozen eggs. After they cooled I made about a dozen into deviled eggs for our dinner on Easter. I left a few for the potato salad and then Issac dyed about a dozen. The last two years Issac hasn't had any interest in dying eggs. We were talking about it today and he told me he doesn't remember EVER dying eggs nor how you would even do it! He dyed his eggs in about 10 minutes and went back to what he was previously doing (LOL)

He was working on a project for me today going through our dvd case. We have tons of movies that we've had for over 10 years and they haven't always been kept in cases like they should. Sometimes the kids left them on the floor, in closets, etc. I suggested he start watching them and if they started freezing, skipping, etc. that he toss them in the trash. It frustrated me terribly if I start a music cd or movie and it messes up. I told him I'd rather toss them all than have that happen (LOL)

We had also decided we were going to do a bunny cake like I grew up having at Easter. I honestly don't know how many years we had that cake, but in my mind it was every year (LOL) I don't like coconut, so after a year, maybe the first??, I took over making the cake, so that I could eat it :) I would just ice it entirely in white, put pink icing in the ears, use jelly beans for the bow tie and call it a day. We had it all planned out and when I got home last night I realized we don't own the two round cake pans needed to bake it :( We went with plan b and that was just to have cake! (LOL) We made a box chocolate cake with homeade white frosting. Issac still wanted it to be a bunny cake, so he put the three cookie cutters we had on it that were in the shape we were originally going to make. We decided, or rather I did, that we should have cake tonight because I was so tired! After cooking dinner, making all the muffins, the deviled eggs, the potato salad, doing 3 loads of laundry, baking the cake and doing ALL the dishes I felt cake was required. I'm totally exhausted and could have went to bed about 7 tonight, but had to wait until Issac was in bed asleep. I have a feeling I will sleep WONDERFULLY tonight!

I wish you all a wonderful Easter Sunday!


  1. Now I want cake! A bunny cake too. Wowza you were busy. Hope you get some sleep tonight.

    1. The bunny cake was the plan, but it ended up more like a cake with cookie cutters on top (LOL)I had trouble falling asleep, but once I was asleep I was good :)

  2. What a busy day! The muffins sound yummy. I will have to try out the recipe next time I am baking.


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