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Busy Hands Make a Sleepy Mama!

I have been having trouble sleeping well this week and it's been so very frustrating. What I really struggle to understand is how when I'm restless the nightmares seem to appear. That then makes my sleep worse and it's a vicious cycle! This morning I decided that we needed some muffins to snack on this week and I had varied frozen fruit in the freezer that I wanted to use up. We will be moving soon and while I don't want my extra freezer empty there are some things that could be used up to make the packing go much smoother :) I found a bag of craisins in the freezer and decided to use those for muffins. For the life of me I have NO idea why I have a LARGE bag of craisins in the freezer (LOL) I hit Pinterest looking for some recipes and found one that looked good.  Found this recipe for Cranberry Blueberry Muffins that looked good, so we went with it. I decided to do 2 batches with just the craisins, did 2 batches with just the blueberries and then used the same recipe …

Review: The Pirate Bride by Kathleen Y'Barbo

I truly enjoy historical fiction reads, but they are even better when the characters are relying on God to help them through situations.  In The Pirate Bride, Book 2 of the The Daughters of the Mayflower Series, we meet Maribel Cordoba. She is the daughter of Spanish nobleman, Antonio Cordoba, and he has told her that her mother and grandfather have died and she has to go with him. Her father hasn't had much time for her during her short life, but one of her favorite books is The Notorious Seafaring Pyrates and Their Exploits, so she views this trip as an adventure. Her traveling companion, William Spencer, is with her and that makes the trip better.  As they start out on their venture they are approached and fired on by a ship that William deems the legendary Ghost Ship.  As they are attacked Maribel's last thoughts are to Pray Away the Fear before she succumbs to the darkness.  

Captain Jean Beaumont and his crew have overtaken the ship and to his surprise he comes face-to-fa…

Review: Beneath The Surface by Lynn H. Blackburn

This might be THE best suspense novel that I have read in a while! Lynn H. Blackburn had me engaged from the very first chapter right until the end of the book. Beneath The Surface is one of those books that I didn't want to have to put down until it was finished.  Ryan Parker and his dive team are doing some routine training in Lake Porter. As he was maneuvering under water he ran into something that made the hair rise on the back of his head.  A body, or what was left of it, was being held under the water by chains and weights. What started out as a routine training exercise has now turned into a murder investigation.

Leigh Weston has been dealing with the after effects of having been stalked.  She's startled by a knock at the door one afternoon and when she opens it she finds her brothers best friend, Ryan Parker. He explains that they've found something in the lake they need to investigate and requests the use of her boat dock.

As the investigation is starting into t…

Intensive Home Therapy Update

I realized I haven't done an update on the Intensive Home Therapy we have been doing with Issac. We started right before Thanksgiving and are going into our 5th month. We saw a few inklings of better behavior and working on coping skills, but that seems to not have lasted. Around Christmas we took off two weeks for the holiday and then my aunt passed away, so we ended up with a third week out of school. The small improvement that we had seen haven't grown much since then. We are better in the sense that we don't have multiple meltdowns every day that can last for hours. That is huge, but we haven't seen the grand improvements that everyone thought we would :( We have had someone in the house anywhere from three to five days a week for between one and two hours a day. That has been a HUGE adjustment for us with our school life as well as everything else.

We were recently told that Issac isn't going to be approved for anymore Intensive Home Therapy. They believe tha…

Thankful Tuesday 3/27/2018

Today I am so thankful that Issac is reading without being forced :) For those of you, like me, that love to read it might be hard to understand why a child wouldn't want to read. Issac has struggled with reading for the longest time, but honestly is a pretty good reader at this stage. Recently in our homeschool co-op the kids started reading Rush Revere. We had reviewed the set last year and Issac really enjoyed it.  Hearing that the other kids were reading it got him wanting to read it again. Last time I read them all to him, but this time he's actually been reading them to himself. That is SO HUGE and I want to shout from the rooftops (LOL)

Review: Carole P. Roman books and collections

We first learned of Carole P. Roman and her amazing books last year when we got to Review a few of them.  This year rolled around and we had the opportunity to review  Carole P. Roman books and collections again, so Issac and I jumped on it. Last year one of Issac's favorite books was the If You Were Me and Lived in...Viking Europe: An Introduction to Civilizations Throughout Time. This year we decided to stick to books in that collection and learn more about additional periods in time. Issac chose to read the following books:

If You Were Me and Lived in...Renaissance Italy: An Introduction to Civilizations Throughout Time

If You Were Me and Lived in...the Middle Ages: An Introduction to Civilizations Throughout Time

If You Were Me and Lived in...the American West: An Introduction to Civilizations Throughout Time.

Issac really enjoys this series because it gives him a sense of how kids his age lived in different time periods.  He chose to read If You Were Me and Lived in...the Americ…

Review: The Innkeeper's Daughter by Michelle Griep

In this day and age it can be hard for a single woman to be running the family business as well as being responsible for her mother and brother.  Imagine having that life back when the women that worked were looked down on and frowned upon.  Typically it was the ladies of the night or the truly poor females that worked. All others has gentleman to provide for them and keep them safe.  Enter Johanna Langley who is running her families business, The Blue Hedge Inn. All the while trying to keep her mother from working herself to death and keep her younger brother out of trouble. The rent and hearth payments are due, there is only one customer and he hasn't paid. Then enters the mysterious Mr. Morton.  He's in town with one mission on his mind, but after meeting Johanna he struggles to stay focused.  He seems to be a mysterious gambler and Johanna has no time for one who gambles.  He does have a tender spot for her young brother, seeing himself as a child in him.  As he tries to g…

Review: Super Beads by Zirrly

Issac enjoys doing almost anything crafty and he especially loves things that are vehicles or somehow related to vehicles. He currently has an obsession with a Ford F-150 and constantly talks about how that's the vehicle he wants to own when he turns 16. Granted that's almost six years away, so he's got some time. I knew when I was looking at the Super Beads from Zirrly that his first choice would more than likely be the 3D Car and Truck set.  When I showed him our options he immediately said he wanted the Ferrari!! The 3D Car and Truck set had a red car in it and he thought it looked like a sports car!  We had tried other bead sets with my older kids, but Issac was too young at the time for him to be successful. The type we had used required an iron to fuse the beads together, but with theSuper Beadsfrom Zirrlywater is the agent that fuses the beads together. When you have younger children working on projects parents are going to chose water over heat almost always.  The…

Wordless Wednesday 3/21/2018

Wordless Wednesday

Thankful Tuesday 3/20/2018

Today I'm thankful for all those things in our homes that make us comfortable. I have a nice large bed with warm blankets. When I get really cold I can turn on my electric blanket and be nice and toasty. When it's too hot we have fans and air conditioners. We've got refrigerators to keep our food cold and stoves to cook that same food. I'm so thankful for all the modern conveniences we have to make our days easier.

Review: Home School in the Woods

I have heard about the wonderful products from Home School in the Woods for almost as long as I have been schooling my kids.  Last year we were blessed to be able to try a few of the projects.  We reviewed HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study:Ancient Greece and World War II Time Travelers American Series. They were both chalked full of information and fun activities.  This year we are trying projects out from their new series:  Á La Carte

This time our choice was a little different. Usually we are given one item that we can review if we are interested or we might get to choose one item out of a few. This time we were basically given a $10 credit and allowed to chose up to three items that fit in that $10 range. I thought this was kind of cool because the projects ranged in prices. You could chose one item that was more expensive, one medium price range and one less expensive, etc.  I showed Issac our choices and explained the monetary range we had and let h…