Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Thankful Tuesday 1/9/2018

Thankful Tuesday

It's the first Thankful Tuesday of 2018!! Can't believe another year has gone by and with it brings each of my children closer to moving out. I can't imagine the day when none of the kids live with us anymore. We are all loud and often argue, but I just can't imagine life with just Carl and I again (LOL) Today I'm thankful for time with the kids! I decided that this year the kids and I would try more arts and crafts and especially things that I've pinned on my Pinterest boards I've pinned so many things and have tried to organize them all to find easily. The problem is I never go back (LOL) Today we decided we'd try a slime recipe I saved. Problem was we didn't have all the ingredients (LOL) We ended up mixing glue, liquid starch, a little cornstarch and coconut flour. It was nothing like slime, but Issac had a great time. It reminded me that things don't have to go perfectly, but that's it's the time with your kids. Next time we'll make sure we have all the ingredients and I "think" Brianna will join us if it's the "real" slime :)

He decided we should make burgers, fries and fried pickles. 

He calls this "Burger King" because there are two burgers and the castle with the king in the middle :)


  1. How fun! I love that you just went with it. It looks like he had a good time.

    1. It was certainly NOT what I had planned, but he was ok with it and so I was too :) Trying to roll more with the punches (LOL)


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