Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Thankful Tuesday 5/2/2017

Today I'm thankful for my mom and an electrician!! We have had an issue with our dryer and I've been having to dry things in my bathroom or pay to have them dried.  My mom came for our youngest's birthday and said she was having an electrician come to check it out. SO THANKFUL that she did because we had two different breakers that had holes burned through them. The electrician told us he was surprised we hadn't had a fire! The breakers weren't even kicking off when they were hot:( I'm so thankful to my mom for pushing to do this while she was here and for the electrician that was able to come out on a SUNDAY afternoon! I've now had my dryer again for two days and I just can't express how NICE it is to be able to dry your clothing right after you fold it. I've done four loads today and I didn't feel like complaining once :)


  1. what a good thing to be thankful for! :)

  2. Lots of things to be thankful for wrapped up in that! Our dryer quit working a couple days ago, and we're pretty sure it's just the belt, but I do need a repairman to do it. And I was SO THANKFUL that I didn't just turn the dryer on and leave the utility area like I usually do, otherwise we might have had a fire.

  3. Thanks ladies! I need to find more to be thankful for on a daily basis :)


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